Highlights: John Mayer, ‘The Search for Everything (Wave Two)’


John Mayer, The Search for Everything - Wave Two © ColumbiaJohn Mayer returns with The Search for Everything – Wave Two, a second EP released ahead of his forthcoming album.   

On October 16, 2017, John Mayer will turn 40 years old. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he proclaimed her “Body is a Wonderland?” As he approaches middle age, Mayer releases his first new album in four years, The Search for EverythingThe Search for Everything arrives in parts, with Wave Two materializing February 24, 2017.

“Still Feel Like Your Man”

Opener “Still Feel Like Your Man” initiates The Search for Everything soulfully, like “Moving on and Getting Over” (Wave One).  Mayer is incredibly honest as he asserts he isn’t over his ex.  On verse one, he rejects the opportunities to move on:

“The prettiest girl in the room she wants me / I know because she told me / She comes over / I’d like to get to know you / But I just don’t think I can.”

On the second verse, he doesn’t reject offers, but rather remembers the scent of her shampoo, refusing to throw it away.

“I still keep your shampoo in my shower / In case you wanna wash your hair.”

The chorus confirms his emotional position, in plain and repetitive, but effective language.  It’s highly relatable, making “Still Feel Like Your Man” the crème de la crème of Wave Two.


“Helpless” contrasts the softness and tender emotions of “Emoji of a Wave.” The guitar provides fuel for the fire, with a driving groove propelling the record forward.  Mayer maintains a sense of coolness and poise, but there’s clearly more bite.  He doesn’t need vocal histrionics, just top-notch production work, awesome guitar skills, and a respectable, well-rounded vocal performance.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, The Search for Everything – Wave Two is another excellent EP from John Mayer. It builds up anticipation for his long-awaited new album. The Search for Everything should be special, without a doubt.

Gems: “Still Feel Like Your Man” & “Helpless”

John Mayer • The Search for Everything – Wave Two • Columbia • Release: 2.24.17
Photo Credit: Columbia

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