Music Shopping Spotlight: Ed Sheeran, ‘÷’

Ed Sheeran, Divide © AtlanticEd Sheeran earns the honors of having the biggest release of March 3, 2017 with his third studio album, ÷. 

The first music release date in March 2017 gets off to a slow start in quantity.  Luckily, the same can’t be said about who dropped new albums.  One artist, Ed Sheeran, has quickly established himself to be a juggernaut.  Hence, the release of his third studio album ÷ is a BIG deal.


Ed Sheeran, ÷


After nearly a three-year hiatus, Ed Sheeran returns with his third studio album, ÷.  As of yet, the British pop singer/songwriter is off to a fast start.  Singles  “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” both debuted in the top-10 of the Billboard Hot 100.  “Shape of You” debuted at no. 1 and has spent four nonconsecutive weeks at the top of the charts.  “How Would You Feel (Paean)” is simply gorgeous, finding Sheeran in excellent voice.

Also Released: Khalid, American Teen [RCA]; Brighten, Brighten [8123]; Emmure, Look at Yourself [SHARPTONE]; William McDowell, Sounds of Revival II: Deeper [Entertainment One]

Photo Credits: Atlantic, RCA

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