Highlights: Future, ‘Future’


Future © EpicATL super rapper Future returns with another surprise project, simply titled, ‘Future.’  ‘Future’ follows 2016 surprise LP, ‘EVOL.’   

Future has quickly elevated himself as one of the hottest rappers in the game. In 2015, he achieved his breakout moment with his best album DS2.  Since then, he’s dropped project after project, and collaborated with numerous artists.  In 2017, he drops his first of two albums, Future, which is comprised of 17. Expectedly, he sticks to the script, which means the album has its triumphs and its flaws. The rub with this particular project is, more often than not, there’s recycling as opposed to fresh, vibrant new material.  Yes, the trap is indeed lit, but it’s also predictable.

“Rent Money”

Things start ferociously with “Rent Money.”  All in all, this is pristine Future.  The one rub is that he recycles the flow from “In Her Mouth,” one of the standout records from EVOL.  Sure, it’s no crime to lift from oneself, but this hints at a saturation problem.  Saturated fat isn’t good for anyone, after all.  That said, pour on the fat and calories with “Rent Money” – it’s among the crème de la crème.


“Zoom” keeps the vibe dark and seedy to the nth degree.  The production sounds faded, a pro that distinguishes from the other songs. From the jump, Future gets to work and never looks back. He constructs a sick hook:

“Turbo switchin’ lanes, Hublot switch your watch / Trappin’ switch the spots, when you’re running hot / Feet on the gas (gone), trappin’ dem bags (Pluto) / Run up a sack and never look back / Shorty got miles on her, I’m about to spaz in it (boom boom) / I ran it up fast, I ran it up fast…”


On “Draco,” Future is indeed Super Future, at least from his perspective.  Early on, he makes it clear, “You ain’t never ever get your bitch back.” He continues asserting his awesomeness, bragging about his conquests, eventually spitting, “I’ve been drippin’ like a god with her.”  Ultimately, “Draco” is all about how potent his sex game is. “Rat tat!”

 “Mask Off”

Future deserves some credit on “Mask Off.” The production still features signature southern rap drums, but the sound is lighter. With Future banging so hard and malicious, this change of pace adds some much-needed variance.  Substance remains an issue at times, but he has reflective moments:

“From food stamps to a whole ‘nother domain.”


“Scrape” provides some reinvigoration, in the druggiest way possible.

“Scrape it out the pot when I cook it…/ Bakin’ is all you heard, whippin’ cocaine up is all you heard…”

This reminisces back to DS2.  That isn’t to say that “Scrape” matches the likes of “Thought It Was a Drought,” but it fits the druggy vibe that somehow made that LP endearing.

“Poppin’ Tags,” etc.

“Poppin’ Tags” is a banger, though it reveals its card before it begins.  Ultimately, more the same from Future for better or for worse. The final two songs bring more to the table than most.  “When I Was Broke” is about loyalty, with Future asserting, “She ain’t leave when I was broke.” On “Feds Did a Sweep,” he discusses the many friends he’s lost, whether its murder or incarceration for drugs and weapons. “Feds” paints an interesting picture about the street life and the gargantuan risks of hustling.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Future has its moments, but this is by no means his best album.  At times, it feels as he’s merely mumbling BS.  The best moments are when he’s (1) easier to decipher and (2) when the production and songs have some variance.  Too many times the songs run into each other, sounding the same.  On DS2, he focused on a particular sound, but the records were distinct and there was more substance – no pun intended.  Another issue is the lack of features.  To reiterate, at 17 tracks deep, this is a little too much Future.

The full-length, track by track review (Future Keeps the Trap Lit on ‘Future’) was published on The Musical Hype on February 22, 2017. 

Gems: “Rent Money,” “Zoom,” “Mask Off,” “Scrape,” “When I Was Broke” & “Feds Did a Sweep”  

Future • Future • Epic • Release: 2.17.17
Photo Credit: Epic


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