Highlights: Brantley Gilbert, ‘The Devil Don’t Sleep’


Brantley Gilbert, The Devil Don't Sleep © Big MachineOutlaw country standout Brantley Gilbert packs a mean punch on his fourth album, ‘The Devil Don’t Sleep.’ 

Brantley Gilbert ranks among the bright spots in country music.  The self-proclaimed outlaw is a beast in the game.  He proved himself on his 2014 platinum-certified effort Just As I Am. The Devil Don’t Stop, hence is the continuation of his excellence – the And-1. Over the course of 16 tracks – the deluxe edition ups the ante – Gilbert proves why he ranks among the elites in modern country music.

“Rockin’ Chairs”

“Rockin’ Chairs” initiates The Devil Don’t Sleep soundly.  Gibert’s distinct, husky pipes shine on this reminiscent gem.  Well written, the memorable, if lengthy chorus is the crowning achievement:

“These are the days that are gonna fly by / Like lightnin’ so they say / These are the nights, yeah the good times / When we let the wild side out to play / These are the Sunday mornin’s we talk to the Lord / And get right with the man upstairs / Get back to rockin’ out / So, we can say we were there when we talk about it / In our rockin’ chairs.” 

 “The Ones That Like Me”

“The Ones That Like Me” keeps the momentum alive and well.  A spirited, mid-tempo country rocker, Gilbert delivers a performance filled with attitude.  Call “Ones” the country version of the No New Friends vibe.  He’s honest from the jump:

“Oh yeah / Ain’t gonna lie, I can count on both hands / My down to ride ‘til the day I die friends.”

 “The Weekend”

As awesome as “The Ones That Like Me” plays out, single “The Weekend” trumps it. “The Weekend” yields familiar themes in country music – drinking, girls, and partying. Even being cliché, Gilbert does an exceptional job, ultimately selling the record.  Considered to be a bit of a badass with a rugged persona, he superbly delivers a record chocked-full of machismo and wait for it…swag.

“It’s About to Get Dirty”

“It’s About to Get Dirty” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but definitely thrives off an aggressive, country-rock sound.  Set in a minor key, there is clearly a darker edge.  Gilbert showcases incredible grit and personality, while the freedom for the musicians to shed further amplifies the authenticity.

“Tried to Tell Ya”

Few times does The Devil Don’t Sleep play on the subtler side of things. “Tried to Tell Ya” is among those, finding Gilbert pulling back slightly as opposed pushing forward vocally.  The effect is welcome, particularly with the vocals lying in his lower register.  Few singers have a lower range as developed as Brantley. He should flaunt it more often.

“Outlaw in Me”

“Outlaw in Me” gives the singer/songwriter another excellent moment. Set in 6/8 time, Gilbert masterfully balances country and rock, appealing to both fan bases.  Once more, self-characterization shapes this particular song.  Brantley owns who he is, and the lyrics suggests that his wife does as well:

“My baby don’t try to change me / She knows / This is the way that God made me / She gets every flaw, my rebel heart, every tattoo, every scar / She’s in love with the outlaw in me.”

Final Thoughts

All in all, The Devil Don’t Sleep is a superb country album. Brantley Gilbert never misses the mark – even if “Bro Code” comes closest to a sketchier moment.  Ultimately, this album showcases a tremendous musical talent. Gilbert isn’t one-dimensional in the least.

Gems: “Rockin’ Chairs,” “The Ones That Like Me,” “The Weekend,” “It’s About to Get Dirty,” “Tried to Tell Ya” & “Outlaw in Me” 

Brantley Gilbert • The Devil Don’t Sleep • Big Machine • Release: 1.27.17
Photo Credit: Big Machine 

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