Highlights: John Mayer, ‘The Search for Everything’ (Wave One)


John Mayer, The Search for Everything (Wave One) © ColumbiaPop singer/songwriter John Mayer drops The Search for Everything – Wave One, an EP previewing songs from the forthcoming album. 

Unbelievably, come October 16, 2017, pop singer/songwriter John Mayer will turn 40 years old! Wasn’t it just yesterday that Mayer proclaimed her “Body is a Wonderland?” As he approaches middle age, Mayer releases his first new album in four years, The Search for EverythingThe Search for Everything arrives in parts, with Wave One materializing January 20, 2017.

“Moving On and Getting Over” 

“Moving On and Getting Over” opens incredibly soulfully, bearing a sound characterized by its tidiness and clarity.  Vocally, he matches the thoughtfulness of the production work, never pushing but neither under-singing.  The blue-eyed, pop-soul number leaves a strong first impression, differentiating itself from his past work while not sounding totally unfamiliar.

“Love on the Weekend”

Love on the Weekend serves as the first single from The Search for Everything.  Somewhat restrained, characterized by its subtlety, its magic unveils itself more with successive listens.  The record sports a soft-rock sound, led by guitar. Mayer delivers clear, calm, and collected vocals, and ultimately, finds him flexing his signature sound. All in all, the subtlety pays off, giving him a respectable comeback song.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, The Search for Everything – Wave One accomplishes its task with flying colors.  It builds up anticipation for a long-awaited new album from John Mayer.  This set of four songs are rock solid and show that as Mayer approaches his 40th year, he hasn’t lost any of his oomph.  

Gems: “Moving On and Getting Over” & “Love on the Weekend”

John Mayer • The Search for Everything – Wave One • Columbia • Release: 1.20.17
Photo Credit: Columbia


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