Highlights: The Skins, ‘Still Sleep’ (EP)

The Skins, Still Sleep © Republic


Up-and-coming eclectic band The Skins show immense potential on their debut EP, Still Sleep.

Who are The Skins? The Skins are an up-and-coming pop, rock, hip-hop band signed to Republic. Their debut EP Still Sleep follows a superb breakout single, “Bury Me,” featuring D.R.A.M. (“Broccoli”).  Ultimately, Still Sleep shows the immense potential of the collective.

“Bury Me”

“Bury Me,” featuring D.R.A.M., is the main attraction – a slickly produced gem.  It kicks off with piano as the main accompaniment. A vocal synth in the background is a nice touch, while the drum programming on the hook is absolutely sick. The vocals are solid throughout the course of the record, based in the urban-pop vein. D.R.A.M. sings second verse singing, complementing The Skins superbly. A catchy, if gimmicky chorus seals the deal.

“Go Off” & “Runaway”

The best way to describe third track “Go Off” is feisty as…  “Go Off” features aggressive, hard-hitting production, embracing hip-hop to the fullest. The lyrics are raw to say the least, particularly the first verse. The only component of the track that is sung (and R&B-driven) is the chorus.

Penultimate joint “Runaway” returns to the urban contemporary sound, eschewing rap for singing.  Once more, The Skins deliver a respectable, enjoyable record, with the chorus highlighting. The production is top-notch, while the vocals are commanding, chocked-full of power. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, The Skins deliver the goods on their debut EP, Still Sleep.  Perhaps the band and the EP are incredibly underrated – few people know about them – but neither should be.  The Skins have a legit hit with “Bury Me” featuring the ever-lovable D.R.A.M., while the unapologetic “Go Off” and urban-centric “Runaway” are superb complements. No one should still be asleep after listening to Still Sleep.

Gems: “Bury Me,” “Go Off” & “Runaway”

The Skins • Still Sleep EP • Republic • Release: 12.16.16
Photo Credit: Republic

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