Highlights: Bruno Mars, ‘24K Magic’

Bruno Mars, 24K Magic © Atlantic


Pop singer-songwriter Bruno Mars returns in electrifying fashion on his highly anticipated, third album, 24K Magic

“If you ain’t here to party, take your ass back home!” Sigh, pop sensation Bruno Mars is carefree on his highly anticipated third album, 24K Magic.  For the Grammy-winning musician, the M.O. of his third album is having fun.  Fun from Mars’ perspective includes partying, ladies, and looking back to R&B of the past as inspiration. Upon listening to 24K Magic, it’s clear that he hasn’t missed a beat in spite of a five-year hiatus between albums (Unorthodox Jukebox, 2011).

“24K Magic”

24K Magicinitiates the album fiercely, drenched in swagger.  Mars elevates himself as the player of players, spitting mad game.  If he did happen to lack confidence, it never shows on this slick funk opener which feels like a perfect follow-up to megahit “Uptown Funk.” “24K Magic” is 80s to the core, with the introductory vocoder leading the charge.  The chorus is infectious:

“Players only, come on / put your pinky rings up to the moon / Girls, what y’all trying to do? / 24 karat magic in the air / head to toe so player / uh, look out!” 

“Versace on the Floor”

Versace on the Flooris a crowning achievement, giving 24K a truly sensational ballad.  Here, Mars fully embraces the 80s. He delivers beautiful vocals, arguably some of the best of his career. Another song conceived around sex, he does incorporate legit emotions nonetheless. Another key feature is a key change, common in 80s R&B. Here, the key change allows Mars to further soar vocally.

“Finesse” and “Too Good to Say Goodbye”  

Mars closes out the brief 24K Magic with two gems. The slick “Finesse” dabbles in the now defunct New Jack Swing movement. Perhaps the movement deserves a resurgence – Mars truly does “shut the shit down on sight/…drippin’ in finesse.” Essentially, Mars and his lady make a formidable team. Big-time ballad “Too Good to Say Goodbye” concludes exceptionally, thanks to a valedictory vocal performance from Mars and the production talents of Babyface.  Old school, he nails it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Bruno Mars kills it on 24K Magic.  At times, it’s corny AF, overindulging in its own swagger. For the most part, however, it clicks on all cylinders.  Mars is a terrific vocalist, something that is never inhibited with such elaborate production work. At nine tracks, there are no misses, making 24K Magic a tight, consistent album.

Gems: “24K Magic,” “Versace on the Floor,” “Finesse” & “Too Good to Say Goodbye”

 Bruno Mars • 24K Magic • Atlantic • Release: 11.18.16
Photo Credit: Atlantic

A full track-by-track review of the album can be found at The Musical Hype.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. channeling Michael Jackson, James Brown, BBD,teddy riley,etc.. good album

  2. 24k magic is just as corny and cheesy as his last hit uptown funk. I’d how suckers actually listen to it, every time it comes on the radio I cringe. Guy should just throw in the towel already.

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