Thoughts: Watsky, ‘x Infinity’



“This is for the kids whipping up some home-cooked / spitting 86 bars, f*ckin’ no hook.”

George Watsky – simply known as Watsky – is one of many under appreciated musicians who shouldn’t be. Watsky is a rapper and spoken word artist who definitely has the gift of words on his side.  Unfortunately, Watsky has never “broken through,” but has a dedicated fanbase who see his incredible gifts for what they are.  After a two-year break between albums, Watsky drops Infinity, an effort that proves to be epic from start to finish.

x Infinity is a lengthy album, nearing the 80-minute mark that few dare to cross in 2016, but the material is quality from start to finish.  There are times where Watsky goes dumb, taking those truly dedicated fans back to his hilarious “F*ck an Emcee Name” days, but there are plenty of moments that aim bigger.  These moments include promo single “Talking To Myself” (loneliness), “Chemical Angel” (the effects of prescription pills), and “Stick To Your Guns” (gun violence, self-gain, and politics as usual).  Beyond bigger moments, there are also times when the spoken word persona of Watsky truly unveils itself, best illustrated by moments such as “Lovely Thing: Suite.” 

All in all, Watsky has delivered a special album to the world.  Sadly, some of the world will miss it, but they should strongly consider checking it out.  Considering it’s stacked, there’s a full, in depth analysis of x Infinity on The Musical Hype, with the link included below.

Favorites: “Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 3,” “Talking to Myself,” “Chemical Angel,” “Pink Lemonade,” “Don’t Be Nice,” “Stick to Your Guns” & “Lovely Thing Suite: Knots”

Watsky • x Infinity • Steel Wool / EMPIRE • Release: 8.19.16 

Watsky, x Infinity © Steel Wool

Alternative/underground rapper and poet Watsky delivers the album of his career with the lengthy, but exceptional ‘x Infinity’. The post Watsky Hits a Home Run on ‘x Infinity’ 6 more words

via Watsky Hits a Home Run on ‘x Infinity’ — The Musical Hype

Photo Credit: Steel Wool / EMPIRE 

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