Thoughts: Tory Lanez, ‘I Told You’


Tory Lanez • I Told You • Mad Love / Interscope • Release: 8.19.16

Everyone seems to want to be the next Drake, right? Maybe, maybe not, but there are plenty of artists who emulate the rapper/singer duo these days.  The latest is Tory Lanez who just happened to born in Canada himself.  Lanez built his buzz with a platinum single by the name of “Say It” which happens to be the among the crème de la crème of his highly anticipated debut album, I Told You. 

Going into I Told You, as a music critic and music lover, the expectations for the album were high. “Say It ” was rightfully “kind of a big deal,” so surely I Told You could back it up with an album of ‘hits’.  Ultimately, while it has some terrific moments, the album also has its flaws. Lanez showcases great potential, but realizing that potential as his own distinct artist is the next step.  Also shorter tracks sans embedded interludes is another consideration.

Is I Told You bad? No.  Is it great? No.  It’s good, but there’s room for growth.  Tory Lanez is young enough and talented enough to ‘figure it out’.  The link to the detailed, track-by-track review resides below.

Tory Lanez, I Told You © Interscope

Up-and-coming rapper and singer Tory Lanez delivers an ambitious debut album with ‘I Told You’. It’s imperfect, but he showcases plenty of potential. The post… 18 more words

via Tory Lanez Delivers an Ambitious Debut With ‘I Told You’ — The Musical Hype

Photo Credit: Mad Love / Interscope 

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