Thoughts: Frank Ocean, ‘Blonde’



Frank Ocean • Blonde • Boys Don’t Cry • Release: 8.20.16

It’s been a long time coming – a helluva long time to be precise – but Frank Ocean has returned. After tickling every critic and consumer’s fancy alike on Channel Orange back in 2012, he finally follows up with brilliant sophomore album, Blonde.  Blonde is a tour de force because it is clever, eclectic, and ‘left of center.’  Frank Ocean transcends R&B – can he even be categorized as R&B?  The fact that this is debatable – that his status in R&B is a polarizing one – further contributes to his distinctiveness as a musician and a true artist.

Is Frank Ocean perfect? No. We haven’t forgotten his lackadaisical live performances that threatened to derail his near-perfect studio versions. But, listening to Blonde and the subject matter and introspection conveyed throughout, it’s difficult not to fall for the bait.  The bait, in essence, has us “feeling way too damn good.” Check out the full, track-by-track review at the link below.  Frank Ocean, Blonde © Boys Don't Cry

Urban alternative musician Frank Ocean returns with his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Blonde’. He makes following up a masterpiece look easy. The post Frank Ocean Intrigues on Sophomore Album ‘Blonde’ 6 more words

via Frank Ocean Intrigues on Sophomore Album ‘Blonde’ — The Musical Hype

Photo Credits: Boys Don’t Cry 

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