Thoughts: Fantasia, ‘The Definition Of…’



Fantasia shows her eclectic side on her fifth studio album, The Definition Of…  After lackadaisical sales and a lack of a major hit from 2013 LP The Side Effects of You, The Definition Of… aims at retooling the R&B standout somewhat.  Is this retooled Fantasia effective? Somewhat.

The vocals always shine throughout The Definition Of….  The songs are a bit more “hit and miss.”  The crème de la crème of The Definition Of… is definitely “Sleeping With The One I Love.” R. Kelly may not always be reliable on his own albums when he overexerts sexually, but when he’s writing/producing for others, he’s usually “on.” “Sleeping With The One I Love” is exceptional and is the valedictory moment that holds The Definition Of… together.

Here’s an excerpt from The Musical Hype’s ‘track-by-track’ review:

All in all, The Definition Of… is incredibly ambitious, yet all over the place. Clearly, the M.O. with The Definition of was to make it appeal to pop audiences while not compromising Fantasia’s extraordinary talent.  For the most part, it succeeds, but save for a couple of moments, it doesn’t exceed.  Still, The Definition Of… is an album that grows riper with successive listens.  It’s not Fantasia’s best, but it has its moments.  What is consistent are the vocals – Fantasia sounds superb.

You can check out the full track-by-track review of Fantasia’s The Definition Of… at the link below. 


Fantasia delivers an eclectic fifth album with ‘The Definition of.’ Like many eclectic albums, sometimes risks lead to rewards and other times not so much. 17 more words

via Fantasia Embraces Eclecticism on ‘The Definition of’ — The Musical Hype

Gems: “No Time for It,” “So Blue,” “Sleeping with the One I Love,” “Ugly”

Fantasia • The Definition of • 19/RCA • Release: 7.29.16
Photo Credit: 19/RCA

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