Jacob Sartorius: Wunderkind or Total Miss?

Is Jacob Sartorius a true wunderkind or is he more “hit or miss?” 

Online, there’s one kid who is getting his fair share of hate.  That is Musical.ly sensation Jacob Sartorius.  The 13-year old made plenty of buzz when he dropped single “Sweatshirt.” “Sweatshirt” wasn’t exactly well-received.  Take a listen, and it’ll be blatantly obvious why.  Sartorius has returned in all his pubescent glory with “Hit or Miss.” If you’re thinking that Jacob walked right into that one considering the title, you’d be correct.

“Hit or Miss” fires folks up at their most subjective.  Even objectively, it’s hard to get past the sheer corniness of Sartorius’ heavily autotune pipes, not to mention the rapping.  Furthemore, doesn’t reference “Casper” and “Blues Clues” lose all of your street cred? Sure, Sartorius had none to lose but still…

Enough rambling. Check out my incredibly kind thoughts towards J.S. below, if you dare! And please, check out The Musical Hype!

13-Year Old Musical.ly sensation Jacob Sartorius releases a follow-up single to the much maligned “Sweatshirt,” “Hit or Miss.” Sartorius sings & raps. The post Track Review: Jacob Sartorius, ‘Hit or Miss’ 6 more words

via Track Review: Jacob Sartorius, ‘Hit or Miss’ — The Musical Hype

Photo Credit: TM3 Music Group

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