What Does Fantasia Have in Store on ‘The Definition Of’


Fantasia, The Definition of... © RCA
Fantasia, The Definition of © RCA

Early indications of ‘The Definition of’ suggests Fantasia will incorporate numerous styles with the ends being R&B, the genre she excels in.

On Friday, July 29, R&B powerhouse Fantasia returns with her fifth studio album, The Definition of.  Like most R&B as of late, there isn’t much mainstream buzz surrounding the album. That’s simply the reality of R&B in a musical climate dominated by pop and hip-hop. Hey, rock is suffering the same plight!

Before The Definition of arrives, what do we know about the album? Based upon the four singles issued prior to the release, we know that The Definition of seems to be a very eclectic R&B release.  All four of the singles are different from one another, which may hurt cohesively, but shows Fantasia’s willingness to dabble in everything.  What can it hurt? If Maxwell can’t sell, who, can?

The first single released from The Definition of was “No Time For It.” Reviewed on Brent Music Reviews in January, the pros were Fantasia’s singing ability.  The cons? “No Time For It” brought nothing new to table – had nothing extra special to keep her relevant.  Listening to it now, it’s respectable, but undoubtedly the most ordinary of the four pre-release singles.

“Ugly” proved to be much more captivating. Sure, the single went nowhere, but it showcases Fantasia blending gospel, soul, and country superbly.  Is “Ugly” a bit odd? Yes, but give it a chance and it’s soundness reveals itself.

“So Blue” dons a percussive, soul beat and feisty vocals from Fantasia.  Funky (and spunky), “So Blue” is clearly Fantasia’s wheelhouse.  Even better is latest single, the dramatic “Sleeping With The One I Love.” Why is “Sleeping With The One I Love” THE crème de la crème? It’s old school for one, but more importantly, it highlights Fantasia’s big personality.  At over five minutes, it’s not a threat to be an airplay juggernaut, but it clearly embodies the spirit of R&B.

To recap, early indications of ‘The Definition of’ suggests Fantasia will incorporate numerous styles with the ends being R&B, the genre she excels in. Will it work? Hopefully – Fantasia is supremely talented.

Fantasia • The Definition of • RCA • Release: 7.29.16
Photo credit: RCA

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