Don’t Sleep On Michael Kiwanuka!

Too often, we get comfortable as music listeners. By comfort, we prefer the ‘same old things’ or we get caught up in trendiness. Trendiness and conformity don’t allow us to become more multidimensional music listeners.  Commercial music, hence, ruins us sometimes.

Okay enough ranting, what’s the point Brent? British R&B singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka rarely graces dinner table conversation.  He should, even if you’re asking yourself Who is he?  With R&B as “cool  as the coolest of cucumbers,” this dude can sing. Not only can he sing, he writes meaningful songs and uses real instruments.  There was a time where an album like Love & Hate would be more common, but alas, this deep, thoughtful LP is now the exception.

Tired of conformity? Join the movement of the exception my friends. To quote Anthony Hamilton, “the doors of the church are wide open.” Not quite the same context of the song “Take You Home” or of the invitation given the by the pastor, but hopefully you catch my drift.  Need a guide to delve into this deepness? Check out my passionate thoughts on Mr. Kiwanuka’s awesome sophomore album, which includes highlights like “Black Man in a White World.” 

Michael Kiwanuka assembles a superb effort with sophomore LP Love & Hate. The singing, songwriting, and production are top-notch. The post Michael Kiwanuka Shines on Sophomore LP ‘Love & Hate’ 6 more words

via Michael Kiwanuka Shines on Sophomore LP ‘Love & Hate’ — The Musical Hype

Photo Credit: Polydor UK

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