25 Chart Takeaways: Blink-182 End Drake’s Dominant Chart Run

After weeks and weeks of agony at the hands of one sick Canadian (Drake), someone else was FINALLY able to dethrone the god (note: notice god is lowercase considering Drake isn’t the Most High).  Blink-182 takes California to no. 1 on the Billboard 200 after nine long, arduous weeks with Drake’s Views reigning.  Well Drizzy, the reign is over this week buddy!

But alas, it’s not all about Blink-182 and Drake.  There are many more chart takeaways that must be shared with the world…as if you couldn’t read the Billboard 200 chart dated July 23,2016 for yourselves lazy folk! Just kidding…here are this week’s 25 Chart Takeaways!

  1. In the “blink of an eye” the top of the charts changed. That would be total BS of course considering Drake spent nine weeks at no. 1. Blink-182 gets their day in the son, Tom DeLonge-less as California gets it done in a robust way at no. 1.
  1. Poor Drake slips to an unfamiliar spot during his dominance with Views – no. 2. Shed a tear, shed a tear…
  1. The person everyone should be crying about is Maxwell. What happened to my boy? The numbers weren’t in his favor in the least as blackSUMMERS’night settled for no. 3. Can’t wait seven years to release an album Max!
  1. It’s always awesome to be Epic AF. Who doesn’t aspire to such standards? Pretty awesome to be the compilation of the same title, which slips one spot to no. 9 this week.
  1. Logic’s surprise mixtape Bobby Tarantino debuts at no. 16 on the Billboard 200. Why? Streaming and track sales from singles “Flexicution” and “Wrist.” He can’t flex as much as Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo or Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, which debuted sounder.
  1. After two weeks gracing the top 10 those Red Hot Chili Peppers are done! The Getaway slips eight spots from no. 9 to no. 17.
  1. Logic wasn’t the only rapper who got in on the mixtape chart action. Desiigner’s New English seals the deal at no. 22.
  1. “Can I get a hallelujah?” Yes, let the church, rather “My Church” say yaassss! Maren Morris sees her Hero jump 26 spots from no. 64 to no. 38.
  1. Not too many folks drank Snoop Dogg’s Coolaid. Maybe they were afraid it was spiked… anyways, Coolaid debuts modestly at no. 40. Funny, Snoop Dogg actually releases his first rap album in years and nobody partakes. 
  1. That spike in sales didn’t last long for Radiohead. A Moon Shaped Pool slips 18 spots from no. 23 and no. 41. Thom Yorke and Nick Jonas have something in common (see #16).
  1. True Sadness indeed! The Avett Brothers free fall from no. 3 to no. 44 in week two. 41 spots! Cue up weary emoji!
  1. YG is having an unsuccessful chart run with Still Brazy. This week, the set’s third, Still Brazy slips 24 spots (no. 33 to no. 57).
  1. Somebody decided to “stand by” Rachel Platten as Wildfire ascends 62 spots from no. 120 to no. 58. Maybe it was all those “Angels in Chelsea.”
  1. Hopefully those American Authors have much more to live for than their album What We Live For. Why? The album sneaks on the Billboard 200 at no. 60.
  1. Kiiara’s EP Low Kii Savage jumps from no. 114 to no. 78. No. 78 marks a new peak position.
  1. Silent Planet takes over the no. 85 spot with Everything Was Sound. Apparently it wasn’t as “sound” as anticipated given the chart position…no shade of course…
  1. Paul Simon tumbles once more. Stranger To Stranger slips from no. 68 to no. 88 in week five.
  1. Chelsea Grin’s Self Inflicted debuts at no. 105.
  1. Maybe Magic! would’ve been better served using secondary colors… Primary Colours debuts unimpressively at no. 124. No, I’m not being the least bit “Rude!”
  1. Roy WoodsWaking At Dawn starts at no. 127.
  1. Logic gets another spot on 25 Chart takeaways this week! The Incredible True Story improves 26 spots from no. 130 to no. 156. Debut album Under Pressure moves up 39 spots (no. 179 to no. 140).
  1. The Human Condition continues to get worse. Jon Bellion’s debut slides 28 spots from no. 118 to no. 146.
  1. Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound actually improves in its sophomore week. The album ascends from no. 185 to no. 159.
  1. Game of Thrones: Music From The HBO Series Season 6 plummets from no. 27 to no. 174. “All men albums must die slide down the charts or something like that!”
  1. Sara Watkins eked out a debut on the Billboard 200. Young In All The Wrong Ways debuts at no. 200. Cutting it close there Sara, cutting it close!


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  1. maxwell didn’t put out a money track. stuff is cool and works, however nothing is exactly sounding like I gots to have that album, sad thing for Maxwell that if could have taken a page from R.Kelly’s book and put out a little more and also if those Blacksummer’s projects could have all come out 5 years back plus than that would have been cool. as for Snoop he just putting out albums.

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