Are Adele & Beyoncé Grammy Frontrunners?


It’s way too early, but is the coveted Grammy for Album of the Year a two woman race between Adele (25) and Beyoncé (Lemonade).  Check out the link below from The Musical Hype to see which artists and albums have the potential to be nominated for album of the year in addition to Adele and Beyoncé.

It’s never too early to speculate about the Grammys. What better way to speculate than breaking down potential nominees in the Album of the Year category? 18 more words

via Surefire Nominees for the Grammy for Album of the Year — The Musical Hype

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  1. by default because the game is so weak sauce now. Adele sold a bunch of albums on a Mediocore album and Beyonce trying to sell a Hood Fairy tale and i don’t hear anything artistic in neither one of those projects, however they both been branded and the Industry loot is heavy on both and right about Now if I can use a Basketball connection they are the Clelveland Cavs and Golden State warriors of the Music industry now. a battle but it doesn’t mean that something else can’t come around and leave those albums in the dust artistically speaking.

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