Maxwell, ‘blackSUMMERS’night’: By The Lyrics


After making a grand comeback in 2009 with BLACKsummers’night, R&B standout Maxwell made fans wait another seven years for the second part of promised trilogy, blackSUMMERS’night.  Ultimately, the wait was well worth it as blackSUMMERS’night is exceptional.  The problem for Maxwell is that ‘coming back again after a comeback’ is difficult.  In other words, the numbers are looking sketchy for Max.

Regardless, the focus of this article is lyrics. After reviewing blackSUMMERS’night (link below), what better thing to do than examine some of the most memorable lyrics?

1. “Nevertheless, never settle for less / higher I go, I’m never quenched / even though life never goes so right / do what you feel”

“All the Ways Love Can Feel”

Commentary: The key excerpt is “do what you feel.”  The keyword has to be do as in “make it do.” The song is called “All the Ways Love Can Feel” after all, and DOing it would be one of those, right?

 2.“Forgive me for waiting so long / for taking the time to rise and destroy,”

“The Fall.”

Commentary: Listen to “The Fall” and Maxwell treats the word fall in a number of ways.  In one sense, he refers to the season (“When does the summer fall?”).  In another sense, he’s falling in love (“but only if you’re hear”).  Here specifically, he refers to his shortcomings and self-consciousness, highlighted by the word destroy.

 3. “Cupid keeps targeting me / arrows are flying, I can’t see / I just want a Michele Obama lady / to hold me down, when the world’s crazy”


Commentary: Maxwell is looking for just the right woman. In his eyes, she’s like Michele Obama. 

 4. “Why do I live inside of you baby / wanna be every part of you”

– “Lake By The Ocean”

Commentary:  One word: infatuation.

5. “It’s just you, just us / nobody but / love on trust, on us / nobody now / can we swim a lake by the ocean / we’ll be one like drops in slow motion”

– “Lake By The Ocean”

Commentary: Reiterating, infatuation.

6.“Maybe your love is just a big mistake / maybe our love was just a world away / if you get the courage baby / one day, someday, probably, maybe / you’ll be mine, all mine”

“Fingers Crossed”

Commentary: Someday, they’ll be a couple in love and all its glory.  That’s about the size of it.

 7. You are the object I get lost in / I am falling hostage.”

– “Hostage” 

Commentary: Again, infatuation.

 8. “Lay here closely beside me / feel my heart as it’s pounding / I can climax with reason / cause we’re grown and we own it”

– “1990X”

Commentary: Grown-folks baby-making.  Only Maxwell could make sex sound so poetic with a lyric like, I can climax with reason.

 9. “The answers don’t ever make no sense / when the questions are up to you”

– “Gods” 

 Commentary: As the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”  In this case, Maxwell is saying that the direction of the relationship is in his lover’s hands.  She plays the “game of gods” because she controls his emotions and ultimately their relationship.

10. “You’re the God in my mind / you’re the highest high / of all kind”

“Of All Kind”

Commentary: Infatuation to the nth degree.

Many of these quotes were used in the review of the album. Please check out the track-by-track review of this album on the The Musical Hype.  Even better, support Maxwell.  blackSUMMERS’night is an album that deserves more attention – specifically more sales/streams – than its receiving.

Maxwell remains consistent on latest LP blackSUMMERS’night, while successfully tweaking his sound to embody and appeal to the times. The post Maxwell, ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ Well Worth the Wait… 6 more words

via Maxwell, ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ Well Worth the Wait — The Musical Hype

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