New Playlist: 14 ‘House’ Songs

Rather than having the traditional social life that a late twenty-something should on a Friday night (July 1st was the time of this unfortunate happening), I composed and compiled a new playlist entitled 14 ‘House’ Songs More Thrilling Than Chilling at the House. Has a ring to it, don’t you think? It’s all about the house, something I know extremely well.

This playlist isn’t about mingling socially and taking some time away from the computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.  Nope, it’s simply random songs featuring the word house in them because I was feeling it at the time.  Even if it’s sort of a lazy topic, the end results are fun, at least in my eyes.  You should check it out in its fullest beauty when you have a minute to kill.  Even if you don’t have a minute to kill, read it…at least peruse it! The link’s below…YO…

A house: “a building serving as living quarters for families.” ‘House’ is relevant here because every song on in this article features ‘house’ in its title.

via 14 ‘House’ Songs More Thrilling Than Chilling at the House — The Musical Hype

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