Rihanna’s Most Unapologetic Songs — The Musical Hype

After originally writing a post about Rihanna’s most unapologetic (aka risqué) songs, I recently updated it for the new site (and very much burgeoning project), The Musical Hype.  The original still resides here at Brent Music Reviews, but this version is better written with fewer typos, so on and so forth.

This post was originally titled Rihanna’s 10 Most Unapologetic Songs and published on Brent Music Reviews April 2, 2015. This version, titled Rihanna’s Most Unapologetic Songs, is an updated revised, rewritten version. The post Rihanna’s Most Unapologetic Songs appeared first on The Musical Hype.

via Rihanna’s Most Unapologetic Songs — The Musical Hype


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