The Avett Brothers ‘True Sadness’ (Review)

This week didn’t exactly possess a hotbed of intriguing new releases – No shade, but just calling it like I see it! One new worthwhile album tickled my fancy this week: The Avett Brothers‘ True Sadness.  Here’s the deal – prior to True Sadness, I’d never partaken of the goods that The Avett Brothers had to offer. Is there a chance that the bros might’ve been slighted by yours truly this week had it not been a slower week? Yes, 100%.  Luckily for them – as if my opinion carries that much weight – they have this freelance music critic in their corner.

Is True Sadness worth the time and potentially the money? Yes.  The best moment is the opener, single “Ain’t No Man.” Even so, there’s plenty of other gems.  Don’t allow yourself to write this band/album off because you think you know what they sound like –  they’ll surprise you like they did me.  They are more than just a folk band.  That’s what makes True Sadness a winner.  Want to know my specific thoughts? They reside in the link below to the review published Monday on The Musical Hype.  Read it.  Share it. Seriously.

The Avett Brothers aren’t nearly as melancholy as title ‘True Sadness’ suggests, delivering a fine effort with their latest LP. The post Listeners Won’t Be Saddened by The Avett Brothers ‘True Sadness’ appeared first on The Musical Hype.

via Listeners Won’t Be Saddened by The Avett Brothers ‘True Sadness’ — The Musical Hype

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