Nick Jonas Can’t Stop Drake on the Billboard 200 (25 Chart Takeaways)


As the old saying goes, “same thing, different day.” In this case, Drake continues to ride the wave, or rather his Views.  Who had to suffer from missing the top of the charts this week thanks to Drake’s juggernaut status? Nick Jonas. Poor kid had to settle for being the bridesmaid.  No championship for you NJ.  But there’s more to this week’s Billboard Chart – dated July 2, 2016 – than Drake and Nick Jonas. There are 23 more takeaways to accompany those two.

Furthermore is 25 total isn’t enough, check out Chart Grooves: Nick J Can’t Stop Aubrey G (Drake) from my new site The Musical Hype for more chart insight.

  1. Drake’s Views = no. 1. Really not much else that can be said. #Unstoppable.
  1. Regardless whether or not Last Year Was Complicated for Nick Jonas, he was able to secure the runner-up spot on the Billboard 200. Hey, it has to count for something that he’s playing “second fiddle” to Drake, right?
  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda has got to be laughing all the way to the bank. Hamilton is like the biggest thing ever. This week, it entered the top 10, flying up from no. 13 to no. 3.  Broadway soundtracks don’t typically do as well as Hamilton has…
  1. Who doesn’t love a newbie? Jon Bellion is an awesome newbie at that, blessing the world with the state of The Human Condition. While the human condition itself is questionable at this time, the album itself isn’t, and Bellion locks up the no. 5 spot. Get it J.B.!
  1. Garbage leads three consecutive debuts within the top 20. Strange Little Birds starts at no. 14. Kaleo’s A/B follows at no. 15, while Fitz and the Tantrums’ self-titled effort settles in at no. 16.
  1. Band of Horses own the final top-20 debut of the week. Why Are You OK lands at no. 18.

Paul Simon, Stranger To Stranger © Concord

  1. Paul Simon’s comeback album Stranger to Stranger sadly becomes a “stranger” to the top 10 this week. It slips 19 spots from no. 3 to no. 22. Ouch!
  1. So, you’re supposed to praise God in good times and bad times. With Maren Morris asking for “hallelujahs” in “My Church,” she needs to channel that spirituality and positivity this week as Hero slips 24 spots from no. 5 to no. 29.
  1. Forget about Paul Simon or Maren Morris shedding tears for their current positions on the chart after a respectable first week. Volbeat had a crappier week as Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie slipped 34 spots from no. 4 to no. 38!
  1. Now That’s What I Call Country, Volume 9 makes a ‘stunning’ debut…said no one ever. The compilation starts at no. 28 with little fanfare. To quote Big Sean (and a lot of other folks), “you win some, you lose some.”
  1. Paul McCartney joins the chart jubilation as his reissued self-titled album debuts at no. 43 in its deluxe edition.
  1. Okay, okay, so we gave Volbeat some crap about falling 34 spots with Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie. Country duo Dan + Shay actually “take the cake.” Fans weren’t Obsessed with the duo in week two as it plummeted 51 spots from no. 8 to no. 59.

Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book © Chance The Rapper

  1. Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book continues its slippage down the chart. Coloring Book falls eight spots from no. 56 to no. 64 in week five. Don’t criticize Chance too much – this album is a streaming exclusive, so it’s ‘uncharted’ territory for the Billboard 200.
  1. Frankie Ballard probably needs a hug. El Rio debuts modestly at no. 68. But guess what – he didn’t have the worst debut week of the new albums! #SilverLining
  1. Yeah, what is about to be said is probably mean, but anything for a good pun, right? It was no Milestone for Grammy-winning R&B diva Chrisette Michele this week (not too bad, right). Michele’s indie R&B album debuted tepidly at no. 73, her debut. Many people have probably forgotten that Michele at one point had a no. 1 album – Epiphany.
  1. Nahko and Medicine for The People take HOKA to no. 71 on the BB200. Who are Nahko and Medicine for The People? Good question!
  1. KONGOS can’t have too much ego this week! EGOMANIAC starts at no. 79. Hmm, the band probably wishes they had another hit like “Come With Me Now” on their hands!
  1. Brandy Clark can’t be thrilled. The country singer’s Big Day in A Small Town debuts in ‘small’ fashion at no. 84.

Little Big Town, Wanderlust © Capitol

  1. No wonder Little Big Town weren’t sure about their experimental EP produced by Pharrell Williams. Wanderlust is a major flop, debuting at a horrid no. 105. Is this the same quartet that just made it big with “Girl Crush?” No, it can’t be!
  1. No, Kygo isn’t on Cloud Nine currently as his debut continues its slide down the charts. No. 107 is not a good look for the Norwegian DJ. Hey, at least he’s still got his looks…and piano skills…
  1. So, who is Drew Baldridge? He’s a country singer, but only a small crowd indulged into his album Dirt On Us. It starts at no. 113.
  1. Rival SonsHollow Bones starts quietly (understatement) at no. 117.
  1. Okay Dan + Shay – you’re off the hook. HellYeah’s Unden!able undeniably had an abysmal week. The album dropped 110 spots from no. 18 to no. 128.  Phew!!!
  1. Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered free falls 69 spots from no. 100 to no. 169.
  1. Now HellYeah are off the hook. Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa’s TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening got a truly “rude awakening” this week as the album slipped 144 spots from no. 26 to no. 170.

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