Whose New Album Is Better – Mike Posner Or Andy Black?

So on Monday, we dove into country headfirst and pitted two country albums released May 6, 2016, against each other. Today, May 7, 2016, we pit two unlike artists against one another – Mike Posner and Andy Black (Andy Biersack, frontman of Black Veil Brides). So the burning question is WHYYYYY? Just because – that’s why! Pop against alternative/rock/pop – LEGGO!

So let’s be fair first. Both Mike Posner (At Night, Alone.) and Andy Black (The Shadow Side) released enjoyable albums worthy of multiple spins. In their own right, both artists should be proud of the material released – “they left it all on the field.” But for the purpose of playing devil’s advocate and “making something out of nothing” (literally), here comes a pick…DRUM ROLL PLZ!

Mike Posner, At Night, Alone. © Island

The winner for best album in this absurd head-to-head goes to…Mike Posner’s At Night, Alone, by a nose – a booger if you will. Yep, it’s close AF: Posner 75, Black/Biersack 74. Posner’s album gets the nod because compared to the artist he seemed to be establishing himself to be in 2010, he’s truly matured. At Night, Alone isn’t perfect, but there’s plenty to embrace. While much of the attention has been paid upon the Seeb Remix of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” folks that actually listened/purchased his The Truth EP in 2015 know the original is the best.

But let’s not discount Black. Honestly, as a music journalist/critic, Black’s album came onto the radar late. On Starpulse, I publish a weekly column on notable new releases that arrive in any given week. Andy Black’s solo debut was included, but admittedly, I didn’t do much research in the “listening” department. After taking the time and hearing “We Don’t Have To Dance,” let’s say The Shadow Side became a purchasing priority on May 6, 2016.

So, just how good is the “loser” The Shadow Side? Black has a terrific voice and even on the less notable songs, his pipes always shine. The production also is a selling point, whether it’s heavy guitars for captivating synths. Black has got me on board when he asserts, “Yeah, f*ck the homecoming king” on opener “Homecoming King,” while the oxymoronic cleverness of “Break Your Halo” is, well, clever. So, Black was in it to win it.

Ultimately, as asserted earlier, this is an unfair comparison (Andy Black, please don’t take this nonsensical poppycock BS seriously). Both albums will tickle your fancies, so if you haven’t indulged in either, you’re missing out. Hopefully, both Posner and Black can see some respectable numbers with two albums that deserve to be spinning worldwide.

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