Thoughts: Meghan Trainor, “Better” featuring Yo Gotti

Meghan Trainor has released another single from her forthcoming, highly anticipated, sophomore album, Thank You. This time, she’s not saying No,” but rather asserting she’s deserves “Better.” So, after listening to the relatively brief cut, how does it stack up?

It’s interesting. “Better” has a dash of tropical influence, definitely something that we didn’t hear from Trainor on Title. Often, when tropical/reggae-infused pop comes into play, yours truly tends to roll his eyes. Why? Good question! There’s just something about the risk of adding that flavor into music because personally, you have to execute it well to make it work. Does Trainor execute it well? Eh.

“Better” lacks the magic of “No.” Sure, Trainor still has a feisty attitude, but it’s not nearly as biting as on “No.” To strengthen the cut, she adds “it” rapper Yo Gotti, who’s been killing it when that infectious banger “Down in the DM.” The problem is, he doesn’t really propel “Better” to being “better” – ya feel me?

Maybe this one’s a grower – MAYBE. But right now, if yours truly had to choose, he’d opt for “MY NAME IS NO, MY SIGN IS NO, MY NUMBER IS NO / YOU NEED TO LET IT GO” or “It goes down in the DM (it go down).”

Meghan Trainor • “Better” ft. Yo Gotti • Thank You • Epic • Album Release Date: 5.13.16

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