Is Fable Cry Unlike Any Band You’ve Ever Heard Before? Yes!

Fable Cry, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are © Zach Ferrin

Arguably, music is best when it fails to conform. Say What? Basically, embracing nonconformity – aka not trying to sound like your colleagues or contemporaries – opens the doors to more artistry and distinguishing oneself from everything and everybody else. That’s exactly what Nashville-based “scamp rock” band Fable Cry does – ‘its own thing.’ See – when Miley Cyrus claimed she was going to “Do her thing” on “Do My Thang” she actually had a point. Okay, okay – that’s beside the point! But what isn’t is the fact that one will be hard-pressed to find an act that’s as unique as Fable Cry these days. But then again, theatrical scamp rock isn’t exactly household…

So where’s the proof of this great nonconformist hope? Take song/video “Dead or Alive (For Now)” and it’s easy to see why Fable Cry is ‘something else’ – in a truly visionary perspective. First of all, the video is CREEPY AS HELL (literally) – there’s an undeniable frightening, chilling nature from the makeup, to the mannerisms of the musicians. That itself doesn’t even account for the music, which is brilliant, but also matches the creepy, enigmatic sensibility given off by the video. That’s what the combination of a minor key, strings, and once more “daring to be different” does.

“Dead or Alive (For Now)” isn’t the only musical/visual offering by Fable Cry. The band has a full-length album, entitled We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are. Somehow, that eerie title seems fitting based upon the lyrical, musical, and visual story imparted on “Dead or Alive (For Now).” Hey, the band themselves describe the album as follows: “A one-way ticket to send you down a spooky path to your Grandmother’s house of nightmares.” That’s definitely charming…said no one ever.

Whether or not charm is part of Fable Cry’s arsenal, intrigue is definitely part of the modus operandi. “Onion Grin” is ‘all over the place’ in the most eccentrically genius way. Couple the stylistic-shifting opener with its aforementioned follow-up, and that’s one mean one-two punch. That doesn’t even account for the likes of “The Good Doctor” with its tongue-in-cheek approach that both ambitiously and naturally lure the listener in.

“You Ain’t My Baby No More” embraces rockabilly showing yet another facet of Fable Cry that might not outright show itself just hearing “Dead or Alive (For Now).” “The Zoo of No Return” on the other hand, balances ‘groove’ and theatricality exceptionally, ultimately creating something that’s epic and vibrant. Keep listening, and the idiosyncrasies of “Set Me Loose” are celestial… in the most hellish way possible.

If the music playlist has grown incredibly mundane as of late, Fable Cry just might be the solution – the savior of trendiness and archetypical conformity. So, is Fable Cry unlike any band you’ve heard before? Saying ‘yes’ may open up a ‘can of worms’ but Fable Cry are definitely onto something that many musicians aren’t as of late – innovative spirit! Definitely check out the hella ambitious We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are – you won’t be disappointed! Maybe the New York Music Daily said it best – “the band kicks ass.

Favorites: “Onion Grin,” “Dead or Alive (For Now),” “The Good Doctor,” “You’ Ain’t My Baby No More” and, “The Zoo of No Return”


Fable Cry • We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are • Zach Ferrin • Release Date: 8.25.15

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