Thoughts On Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t Your Mama”


Jennifer Lopez, Ain't Your Mama © Epic

During the American Idol Series Finale Jennifer Lopez unveiled her newest single to the world, “Ain’t Your Mama.” Upon hearing it initially on the show, while it came off as sassy, it also came off as fluff – dessert to the nth degree. In other words, “Ain’t Your Mama” was about as impressive as the American Idol Series Finale – NOT IMPRESSED.

After stepping away from the finale of an aging juggernaut that many music critics rejoiced when its end was announced, for some reason, yours truly decided to subject his self to the studio version of “Ain’t Your Mama.” Why? Let’s say that something had to be written – something! So, what are the thoughts in round two? Eh.

Basically, “Ain’t Your Mama” is okay, but if J. Lo is truly trying to recapture the magic and the success of her lucrative prime, it just ain’t happening. Even those who will be quick to proclaim their love for this song, it’s not memorable enough to stick with you beyond a couple of listens. “Ain’t Your Mama” is the exemplification of what is wrong with the ‘longevity’ of pop radio – it’ll last for a brief time and then fade.

Now before the stones are cast and the expletives are thrown towards me for being a ‘hater,’ I have no issue whatsoever with Lopez’s desire to remain relevant and extend a lengthy career in which she’s incorporated multiple talents – singing, acting, producing television, etc. But, hasn’t this song where the woman is “NOT going to fix him a sandwich” in essence already been played out?

Anyways, the verdict is this is average. It’s not bad, but it’s not great or transcendent by any means. Take this music critic’s advice – “On to the next one!”


Jennifer Lopez • “Ain’t Your Mama” • Epic • Release Date: 4/2016

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  1. if only puffy could give her a remix. she been on entertainment life support ever since she 04. nobody cared about her past 05 and she been riding off the J lo for a decade and once the booty went down,then so did her career.

    1. brent80 says:

      LOLLLLLLL!!! Preach!!!

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