How High Is ZAYN’s Commercial Ceiling?

Zayn, Mind Of Mine © RCA

Consider this to be a follow up of sorts to the Brent Faulkner Starpulse article, What Is Zayn Malik’s Ceiling As A Solo Artist?

Week one for ZAYN is looking to be respectable by all means, though not game changing. According to Billboard, the prognostications at the time of this posting are suggesting 160,000 units/120,000 copies in pure sales. Those numbers easily trump the past two weeks specifically, where Rihanna struggled to muster up 54,000 units with ANTI and Gwen Stefani’s first solo album This Is What The Truth Feels Like underperformed drastically with 84,000 units. Still, Mind of Mine seems like it should be performing better than what the numbers suggest. With that said, what is ZAYN’s commercial ceiling?

ZAYN’s ceiling initially seems questionable. Sure, he had a no. 1 hit with “Pillowtalk,” but will he have another single from Mind of Mine that propels the album beyond a respectable, yet somewhat underwhelming start? If ZAYN can get the singles rolling, then likely his sales/streams will increase and turn Mind of Mine into a force to be reckoned. However, if “Pillowtalk” is ZAYN’s only notable hit, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Overall, the album is enjoyable, not the second coming. “Pillowtalk” is definitely the crème de la crème, but there are other worthwhile moments such as “Befour,” “Rearview” and “Fool For You.” Still it seems like it will take a lot for ZAYN to ‘blow up.’

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