K. Michelle’s ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ By The Lyrics

K. Michelle, More Issues Than Vogue © Atlantic

It is safe to say that R&B singer K. Michelle has no filter. NONE! Her third studio album, More Issues Than Vogue continues her risqué approach to R&B. What better way to analyze More Issues Than Vogue than by the lyrics?

1) “Who the f*ck / told y’all hoes to open up? / Cut – that’s enough! / I’m comin’ straight from the gut…” – “Mindful”

Commentary: Well, it’s safe to say that K. Michelle isn’t hurting for confidence or brashness here. Hmm, best be “mindful” of messing with her… 

2) “You keep sayin’ you the illest b*tch / but I still feel like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill” – “Mindful”

Commentary: Hey, you can’t go wrong with a Quentin Tarantino film, let alone Kill Bill – it’s a classic!

3) “Come and show me some love / got that booty sitting right / I make it clap got them booty cheeks looking like they getting into a fight” – “Got Em Like”

Commentary: Hmm, one of the reasons why K. Michelle’s “got ‘em like damn” apparently…just saying!

4) “Oh, I got my own sh*t, don’t want your money / nope, I drop a hundred bands like it’s easy money” – “Ain’t You”

Commentary: K. Michelle isn’t worried about money – she just wants him.

5) “Only one I be giving game to / these dudes mad cause they really ain’t you” – “Ain’t You”

Commentary: See the commentary on #4.

6) “If you think I want you, not a little bit / if you think I need you, not a little bit / I finally moved on I’m over it / if you think I need you, not” – “Not A Little Bit” 

Commentary: K. Michelle has moved on – she don’t want you anymore!

7) “Makes us insane, no one’s to blame / that’s how I know you’re the one / it’s crazy, amazing / we f*cked it up / If it ain’t love, I don’t know what is” – “If It Ain’t” 

Commentary: Basically, K. Michelle is saying that love is a crazy trip. It can be amazing or messed up.

8) “Tell me why do we, why do we, why do we / make the bed / when we know we gonna mess it up again?” – “Make The Bed” 

Commentary: Freaky. “It’s goin’ down!”

9) “Baby, please excuse my behavior / but can I get back the f*cks that I gave you?” – “Nightstand”

 Commentary: Gotta love double entendre. Has the f-bomb ever been better utilized?

10) “Oh these men / they sho’ be getting around / wifing all of these b*tches around town / but I can’t play fool / they don’t know nothin’, ‘bout nothin’, ‘bout love” – “These Men”

Commentary: From K. Michelle’s perspective, the men are all dogs. Beware of her wrath!

11) “If all I got is the love I was promised / I’m good, even if it’s all I got / if all I got is the touch of your body / I’m good, even if it’s all I got” – “All I Got”

Commentary: All she wants is his love – it’s all she needs.

12) “Tell me how to find somebody / who gon’ be on time on time / it’s too late for you and I / Thank God I left you right on time, on time” – “Time” 

Commentary: Much like “All I Got,” K. Michelle seems to have landed her Prince Charming.

13) “I got rich people problems / only way to solve ‘em / keep on getting’ rich / richer and richer…” – “Rich” 

Commentary: K. Michelle may have issues as a famous/rich person, but she definitely wants to keep getting that paper.

14) “I’m angry so many nights, as I lay by your side, and you / sleep like a baby, oh you sleep like a baby” – “Sleep Like A Baby”

Commentary: She’s mad while he’s content and “sleeping like a baby” – pretty self-explanatory stuff.

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