ZAYN, ‘Mind of Mine’ By The Lyrics

Zayn, Mind Of Mine © RCA

Let’s examine ZAYN’s debut album, Mind of Mine by the lyrics, shall we? Let’s go!!!

1) “Climb on board / We’ll go slow and high tempo” – “PILLOWTALK”

Commentary: This is clearly innuendo that honestly doesn’t need any extra explanation. But because you requested it, he wants her to “ride,” sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Think about it…

2) “So we’ll piss off the neighbors / in the place that feels the tears / the place to lose your fears…in the bed all day…” – “PILLOWTALK”

Commentary: Sex, sex, sex. ZAYN can come up with a million other ways to say it, but that’s what he’s getting at. He goes on later to say “f*cking and fight on,” which is explicitly about “getting it on.” And for good measure, ZAYN has made it clear that “PILLOWTALK” is about sex, though did he really have to? It’s obvious people!

3) “…She don’t / give a f*ck about what I need / And I can’t tell you why / because my brain can’t equate it” – “iT’s YoU”

Commentary: This is so 23…years old that is. Basically, ZAYN is crazy over a girl who doesn’t want him. This is classic unrequited love. That said, ZAYN should really take the expletive-bearing line to heart and stop moaning over and over that “it’s you” – just an observation!

4) “Time for me to move on / so many hours have gone / heart beats the pump of my blood / no strings for you to pull on / you’ve got your tongue in your cheek / so pardon if I don’t speak / can’t tune my chords / into your songs, no” – “BeFoUr”

Commentary: Is this a shot at One Direction or, at least, ZAYN’s displeasure with the ‘direction’ the band was continuingly going? Verse two seems to suggests he’s, at least, making reference to his unhappiness and moving on beyond the squeaky clean pop collective. Potential ‘added fuel to the fire?’ – “Numb on a roof / set it on fire / just to give me proof / I’m living on a wire.”

5) “She want’s somebody to love her, to holder / she wants somebody to love in the right way” – “sHe”

Commentary: Hmm, it would seem that ZAYN is suggesting that he’s the one for her since he’s speaking for her…

6) “We’ve been drunk all summer / drinking and flowing and rolling / we’re falling down” – “dRuNk”

Commentary: While ZAYN and his bae are probably tipsy, they are more wasted off of each other’s love…and sex. Yes, drinking is associated with summer, but so is love, so…

7) “Heard about all the things you’ve done / and all the wars that you’ve been in / heard about all the love you lost / it’s was over before it began…” – “rEaR vIeW”

Commentary: She’s been through some things.

8) “I’ll get her wetter than ever / four letters are never the question / she likes when I’m messy / and I like when she’s undressing” – “wRoNg” 

Commentary: Shallow AF. Basically, ZAYN isn’t looking for something that’ll last. Nope, he’s thinking about “action.” There are no transcendent thoughts going down here…it’s just “going down.”

9) “Cause I’m a fool for you and the things you do / I’m a fool for you and the things, the things you do …” – “fOol fOr YoU” 

Commentary: Okay, okay. “Fool For You” (not bothering with the lower-/uppercase lettering mess that ZAYN’s doing because it’s hard to type) is legit one of the best songs from Mind of Mine, but the refrain here is pretty empty – in an emotionally driven sort of way. Maybe “simple” is the better word choice as opposed to empty…

10) “So take it off, let’s break down all of our walls / right now I wanna see it all / I don’t wanna cool off, so let’s cross the lines we lost…” – “BoRdErZ”

Commentary: Pleasure.

11) “This ain’t my scene, this wasn’t my dream, it was all yours / of course I got caught up in this game and you know I won’t say names of who’s to blame” – “tRuTh”

Commentary: Well…

12) “Smoking too much, it’s starting to fog up my clarity / travelling in the day but you’re still looking far to me” – “IUcOzAdE”

Commentary: Okay, here’s the deal with “IUcOzAdE.” Nobody knows WTF ZAYN is talking about. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s random AF and uses as many f-bombs or more as this commentary has acronyms for f-bombs…if that makes any sense. Of course, it doesn’t.

13) “Push me up against the wall, don’t take it easy / you like it hard like me, it’s what you need / let’s get naked and explore our inner secrets” – “TiO” 

Commentary: Sex. What else would this be about? BTW, “TiO” stands for take it off aka “meet me in the bed – it’s goin’ down!”

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