Future’s ‘EVOL’: Examining The Album By the Lyrics

Future, EVOL © Atlantic

Future shocked the world by dropping a new album with little notice on Saturday, February 6. Future has been riding high throughout the course of 2015 with a number one album (DS2) and a number one mixtape with Drake (What A Time To Be Alive). He looks to keep the momentum going strong in 2016 with latest album EVOL, which shot to number one on iTunes charts when it became available.

After all, Future sure has a way with words…and autotune…

1) “Look like I stepped on the runway / they try to tell me to calm down / peep how I came in the game and I started rocking that Tom Ford” – “Ain’t No Time”

Commentary: Essentially, Future knows he’s blown up – period. He’s big – no not weight, but in regards to his status as a rapper/celebrity. Sporting the Tom Ford speaks to his newfound affluence.

2) “Kicking flavors Saint Laurent watch how I walk / Man this paper be the reason why we talk / ain’t no favors, they gon’ outline you in chalk / you the biggest, biggest hater of them all” – “Ain’t No Time” 

Commentary: A continuation of the first excepted quote. Future is hot and unstoppable right now, has plenty of money (hence the Saint Laurent reference) and people hate him because they want to be him.

3) “I’m tryna f**k the DA lady in her mouth though / Hit some R&B sh*t on the jet though / I got stacks on me…” – “In Her Mouth”

Commentary: The first part of the quote (“I’m tryna f*ck the DA lady in her mouth though”) isn’t sexual, or at least that’s not the primary meaning. Basically, Future, who raps prevalently about drugs and hustling, is saying FU to the District Attorney, who happens to be female. What more offensive way to do so than make a sex joke. Sure, maybe he literally would like to literally do what he suggests, but that’s questionable.

As for the second part (“Hit some R&B sh*t on the jet though / I got stacks on me…”), he literally is referencing sex with R&B chicks, and he has money. Genius confirms the R&B thing.

4) “They got my dawg, violate a hundred bodies / I’m ‘bout to cash out on a new Bugatti / I’m ‘bout to pay the police off, John Gotti” – “In Her Mouth” 

Commentary: The Feds have got a case on his homie, he’s about to get a new Bugatti (typical) and he’s going to pay off the cops to get off his current case. Yep, we’ve heard this all before.

5) “F**k a b***h in a big way / and I hit her right on the staircase / hit that mouth I go bare face / when I’m in that mouth I go bare face” – “Maybach”

Commentary: Rappers aren’t typically discrete when it comes to spitting so Future is brutally honest about his sexcapades here. “Bare” is just what you think it is – unprotected, aka sans these for example. We’ll leave that at that!

6) “Three exotic broads and I got ‘em soakin’ panties / told ‘em they were certified, welcome to the xanny family” – “Xanny Family”

Commentary: One word: orgy. Three women who all want to have sex with Future as well as pop pills (Xanax). 

7) “Promethazine, codeine, this sh*t campaign for us / the sauce look so clean like some angel dust” – “Xanny Family”

Commentary: Drugs, drugs, drugs…

8) “You comin’ to the crib, bring a gang of tuss / I dip it in the blunt, I’m tryna smoke the mud / I loaded up my gun, I’m tryna smoke the plug” – “Xanny Family” 

Commentary: The tuss references the chief ingredient in Lean/Purple Drank. Future goes on to references marijuana (“I dip it in the blunt, I’m tryna smoke the mode”). He then plans to apparently shoot the drug dealer (“I load up my gun, I’m tryna smoke the plug”).

9) “Hey thirty thousand on a watch, I swear thank God I’m ballin’ / Feds watching on my spot, they say somebody called ‘em / Hottest n***a in the streets, they see my Audemars / hardest n***a in the streets, three thousand grams…” – “Lil Haiti Baby” 

Commentary: Every rapper who’s made it must have a really expensive watch, period. The Feds are after him because of drugs – that’s where the “three thousand grams” comes into play…

10) “Dumping down the pills, I feel my head explodin’ / roll a pound of dope, I gotta keep on smokin’ / money comin’ in, we ain’t gon’ never spend it / then thousand bags of kush, we ain’t gon’ never listen” – “Lil Haiti Baby” 

Commentary: Future sounds like he’s going to overdose if he’s not careful… But regardless, he has more money than he can ever spend and plenty of weed to smoke and deal…remember he’s the one that said “I’m The Plug.” 

11) “You want an R&B chick, shawty it ain’t nothin’ to get her” – “Lil Haiti Baby”

Commentary: Arguably, this is a cheap shot at Ciara. That said it’s also a fact in general that most rappers can get any girl that they want, including the coveted “R&B Chick” which Future referenced earlier.

12) “I pull up in that new Maybach and they wave / these n***as won’t show no deuces they got hoe-waves / I walk inside the club and they wave / I put headshots and more hits out on my enemies” – “Photo Copied”

Commentary: Future is “kind of a big deal.”

13) “I know you ain’t saving that p***y / you know somebody play in that p***y” – “Photo Copied”

Commentary: Another shot at Ciara…and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. To clean up the lyric, Future asserts he doesn’t believe Ciara is abstaining from sex, despite what she and Wilson have said.

14) “I tried to tell you when I came, it was God” – “Seven Rings” 

Commentary: Read into this one a lot and things can get twisted. But basically, this is good ole god status exemplified.

15) “Sippin’ out my cup, hell no, don’t you taste that / Hundred percent chance I done doped up and laced that…” – “Seven Rings” 

Commentary: Basically, whatever Future has concocted in his cup, it’s deadly. Likely it’s dirty sprite. 

16) “Big racks, and you know that b*tch that you’re with, she mine…she wanna hit on me under the covers like lovers / like we divine / she recognize that I’m so thorough / I’m under them briefs, I’m all on her mind…” – “Lie To Me” 

Commentary: G-Eazy might’ve said it best: “Cuz I’m f*cking your girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

17)“Obama on my line / what’s the program? / You know I don’t give a damn / what’s the program?” – “Program”  

Commentary: Future is SOOOOO big, Obama’s called him. That’s the “Program” people! 

18) “I just popped six xans and a Quaalude / shawty gave me […] on that Adderall…” – “Program” 

Commentary: Drugs (Xanax, Quaalude, Adderall) and a sex act… 

19) “Wake up, take a sip of Ace of Spade like it’s water / I been on the molly and them Xans with your daughter / If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry…” – “Low Life”

Commentary:  What more can you really say here? Future is a self-proclaimed “low life” after all.

20) “Turn a five star hotel to a trap house / roaches everywhere, like we forgot to take the trash out/ flood my cross with ice, getting money my religion / got my baby momma and my side b***h kissing” – “Low Life”

Commentary: “Low Life” is the perfect title for this song. The aforementioned quote really needs no further explanation as Future makes his actions clear. Next!

21) “I been waking up to b*****s in my hotel suite / We been gone on the molly…” – “Fly S**t Only”

Commentary: Sex and drugs.

22) “Maybe one day I’mma get out the drank / and maybe one day we can f**k in the bank / I made me a Porsche out of two and a quarter / I got to Morocco and lay in some foreigns” – “Fly S**t Only”

Commentary: One day he’ll stop drinking lean (“Maybe one day I’mma get out the drank…”). One day, him and his girl will make love at a bank though he doesn’t specify which one (“…and maybe one day we can f**k in the bank”). He bought a custom made Porsche for $250,000 (“I made me a Porsche out of two and a quarter…”). The last part is more open to interpretation – maybe Future stayed in luxurious foreign hotels, slept with foreign women, or test-drove foreign cars before deciding upon a custom made Porsche (“I got to Morocco and lay in some foreigns”).

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