Best Albums of 2016, One Month In

David Bowie in 'Blackstar' Music Video © Columbia

It’s never too early to construct a year’s “best of” list, right? Right! With January 2016 expired, what albums stood out that can potentially make some noise on the legitimate end of the year list? After listening and reviewing several albums in January, here are three that might stand the test of the year…or not.

 1) David Bowie, Blackstar (Columbia)

David Bowie, Blackstar © Columbia

Sometimes, posthumous albums tend to get the “sympathy” vote. In the case of Blackstar, released just two days prior to David Bowie’s death, it’s a fantastic album and arguably the crème de la crème of the year as of yet. Will Bowie retain this spot? Likely, something else will come along, but Bowie’s experimentation is nothing short of respectable and alluring.

Sure Bet: “Blackstar”

You can read my review here.

2) Panic! At The Disco, Death of a Bachelor (Fueled By Ramen)

Panic! At The Disco, Death Of A Bachelor © Fueled By Ramen

Death of a Bachelor wasn’t for everybody, but yours truly dug the album. Here, sole remaining Panic member Brendon Urie cycles through a number of styles including showing a lot of Frank Sinatra influence. Is the album all over the place? Yes, but that’s what makes it terrific ultimately.

Sure Bet: “Death of a Bachelor”  

You can read my review here.

3) Anderson Paak, Malibu

Anderson .Paak, Malibu © Steel Wool/Obe

R&B has been declared dead a couple of times, but in the hands of Anderson Paak, it’s alive and well. Paak isn’t just a singer, he’s also “got bars” to go along with his soulful singing voice. While Malibu wasn’t a commercial juggernaut by any means (it debuted at #39), there’s plenty to praise about this effort.

Sure Bet: “The Bird” 

 You can read my review here.

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