Fantasia Returns, Has “No Time For It”

Fantasia, No Time For It © RCA

Fantasia • No Time For It – Single • RCA • Release Date: 1.7.16

After a three-year hiatus (Side Effects of You, 2013), 31-year old R&B standout Fantasia returns with her new single, “No Time For It.” The best way to describe “No Time For It” is that it’s feisty. This can be inferred from the title, but the song itself backs up what the title suggests. What exactly doesn’t Fantasia have “no time for?”

“And if they’re bring up problems / there’s not time for it.” Basically, Fantasia is giving a big ole fat middle finger to the haters – she doesn’t care what they’ve got to say. She goes on to sing on the chorus, “You wanna tell me how it is / but there’s no time for it…and the hate don’t really matter, nah / there’s no time for it.” Essentially, Fantasia confirms the old “haters gonna hate” sentiment that has played out numerous times across numerous genres.

So, how does “No Time For It” stack up? It’s good, but certainly not elite. Fantasia has released some terrific songs, including her sole Grammy-winner, “Bittersweet.” “No Time For It” doesn’t come close to the soulfulness and overall exceptionalness of “Bittersweet.” For a comparison point, “No Time For It” is arguably on or close to the level of “Lose To Win” (Side Effects Of You) that was a good single, but again, not great or transcendent per se.

Examining Fantasia songs that served as singles, which ones in addition to “Bittersweet” are the best? “I Believe” certainly ranks at the top, scoring Fantasia her sole number one after being victorious on American Idol third season. That said, it would be single “Free Yourself” from Free Yourself (2004) that would earn Fantasia her first set of Grammy nominations. “Truth Is” would perform the best on the pop charts, though “I Believe” and “Free Yourself” are better songs.

“Hood Boy” was a terrific single from Fantasia (2006), but was a total flop at radio. Fantasia made up for it with “When I See U,” which became a minor pop hit and performed exceptionally on the R&B circuit. Both of these trump “No Time For It” as well as “Lose To Win.”

On Back To Me in addition to “Bittersweet,” “I’m Doin’ Me” and “Collard Greens & Cornbread” were released as singles. Neither trumps “Bittersweet” (little does), but both singles are well rounded. Arguably, the Marvin Gaye-sampling “Collard Greens & Cornbread” is a bit more distinct thanks to its unorthodox title and Fantasia embracing her big personality. Better than “No Time For It”? Probably.

So is this post a statement on how underwhelming “No Time For It” is? No, it’s a solid single, but what it’s not is ‘brand new’ or transcendent to throw that word around again. Whenever album five drops for Fantasia, given the track record of R&B as of late, she’ll likely have an uphill battle. Is “No Time For It” strong enough to turn the tides or stop the bleeding commercially? NO.   She’ll always be a personal favorite who has soul for days, years, and a lifetime, but most people probably will have “no time for” this single and possibly the upcoming album. That’s where R&B stands currently, sad as it is.

To Summarize…

PROS: Fantasia can still S-A-N-G, no questions asked

CONS: This won’t win Fantasia new fans/keep her relevant in big scheme of things (aka commercial sales)






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