David Bowie’s Legacy Will Endure Forever

David Bowie in 'Blackstar' Music Video © Columbia

It’s been a gut-wrenching 2016 for the music industry to say the least. Things started off sadly on New Year’s Day as we learned that the iconic Natalie Cole had passed away on New Year’s Eve. On January 5th, R&B singer Nick Caldwell (The Whispers) passed, as well as Classical composer/conductor Pierre Boulez. Then on Monday January 11 came the shocker – the death of iconic, visionary rock singer/songwriter David Bowie (1947 – 2016). Folks, personally it wasn’t fun on a snow day flipping on the TV that morning to hear that the recently turned 69-year old legend was gone.

David Bowie managed to keep his condition (cancer) secret – he’d been battling the devastating disease for 18 months. He managed to leave the world with one final album, Blackstar, his most unique work in years. Perhaps what’s most chilling about Blackstar is the song “Lazarus,” which takes on an eerier meaning given Bowie’s death. Why is it so chilling? “Lazarus” makes reference to death itself and accomplishing numerous things throughout his life/career, with the accompanying music video further amplifying the enigma.

David Bowie, Blackstar © Columbia

Interestingly, on Saturday, January 9, I finished the review of Bowie’s Blackstar for publishing on Starpulse.com on Monday. Waking up Monday and hearing the news, some edits were required. No, not the content of the review, or making the blurb on “Lazarus” reflect a new meaning, but rather the fact that the music icon was now deceased. Here is the link to the review: David Bowie Leaves The Music World A Classic Gem With Final Album ‘Blackstar’.

Blackstar’s exceptionalness as an album shows the brilliant caliber of musician that Bowie was. Even past his prime Bowie recorded and album that easily shows more ambition than most by artists half his age. Furthermore, though Bowie is no longer living, his music and legacy will endure forever.

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