25 Best Rap Songs of 2015

After flexing my muscles (writing, not biceps) and compiling the best songs and best albums of 2015, how about diving into genres? Here’s a quickie – 25 Best Rap Songs of 2015. Are there some ‘best’ songs that didn’t get loving from yours truly? Probably, but that’s life, and life’s a five-letter word that rhymes with witch at times. Enough rambling – you don’t need any writing diarrhea – here are the 25 Best Rap Songs of 2015!

1) Kendrick Lamar, “Alright” (To Pimp A Butterfly)

What might be most impressive about “Alright” is the fact it grabbed a nomination for Song of the Year at the 58th annual Grammys.

2) Drake, “Hotline Bling”

The song itself is fire, but add in the video and Drake’s dancing and it’s that much more awesome! 

3) Kendrick Lamar, “How Much A Dollar Cost?” (To Pimp A Butterfly)

“How Much A Dollar Cost?” is clearly the deepest rap song of 2015 and honestly, one of the deepest songs regardless of genre.

4) Big Sean featuring Drake, “Blessings” (Dark Sky Paradise)

Hey, we felt as “WAY up” as Big Sean and Drake did on this gracious jam.

5) Future featuring Drake, “Where Ya At?” (DS2)

It’s pretty simple with this one: “Where ya ass was at?”That’s pretty much all that’s uttered in this catchy jam.

6) Kendrick Lamar, “The Blacker The Berry” (To Pimp A Butterfly)

Kendrick can do no wrong. Literally, he can’t. Third. Song. On. This. List.

7) Logic featuring Big Lenbo, “Young Jesus” (The Incredible True Story)

Hey, going “back to the 90s” never felt/sounded better than in Logic and Big Lenbo’s hands.

8) Wale featuring Usher, “The Matrimony” (The Album About Nothing)

According to Wale, “The Matrimony” is the “realest shit I ever wrote.” He just might be right. If nothing else, it’s definitely deeper than “Clappers” was.

9) Future, “I Serve The Base” (DS2)

Future “served the base” after he “Thought it was a drought.” All of it involves drugs of course. See “The Plug” later for the continuation.

10) Kendrick Lamar, “King Kunta” (To Pimp A Butterfly)

Nobody’s cutting your legs off Kendrick – has it been mentioned you’re a rap savior (no false idolatry of course!)

11) Drake & Future, “Diamonds Dancing” (What A Time To Be Alive)

“Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, Diamonds on me dancing” – Nuff said.

12) Meek Mill featuring Tory Lanez, “Lord Knows” (Dreams Worth More Than Money)

Say what you will about Meek Mill, but he knows how to “go H.A.M.” on an opener. He does just that on “Lord Knows,” which samples Mozart. 

13) Dr. Dre featuring Candice Pillay, Kendrick Lamar & Marsha Ambrosius, “Genocide” (Compton)

Would it shock anybody if it were asserted that Kendrick Lamar makes this song? The superb production doesn’t hurt either!

14) Mac Miller, “100 Grandkids” (GO:OD AM)

“When I first made 100 grand, thought I was the shit…” Regardless of whether he is or isn’t , the song is the SugarHoneyIceTea.

15) Ludacris, “Beast Mode” (Ludaversal)

People slept on Ludacris’ Ludaversal, but they missed out on a treat with “Beast Mode,” which finds the MC as unapologetic and brash as ever!

16) Drake & Future, “I’m The Plug” (What A Time To Be Alive)

Need to be educated on who ‘the plug’ is? It’s Future. Yeah, it may technically be Drake and Future, but it’s mostly Future. See DS2 if you need confirmation.

17) Tech N9ne featuring B.o.B & 2 Chainz, “Hood Go Crazy” (Special Effects)

While Tech N9ne had his share of lamentations on Special Effects, the swagger-laden “Hood Go Crazy” wasn’t the least bit sad.

18) Pusha T featuring The-Dream, “M.F.T.R.”

As Pusha T tells it, these days, folk just want to be “more famous than rich” for some reason. Go figure!

19) Jadakiss featuring Lil Wayne, “Kill” (Top 5 Dead or Alive)

It was a nice surprise to get Jadakiss back following a lengthy six-year hiatus. It might’ve been even better getting a reinvigorated Lil Wayne on his fiery verse on “Kill.”

20) A$AP Rocky featuring Joe Fox, “Holy Ghost” (At. Long. Last. A$AP)

It is crystal clear that A$AP Rocky and the church don’t go together on “Holy Ghost.” Who cares though – it’s one of the best songs off the rapper’s sophomore album, not to mention one of the best rap songs of 2015.

21) Meek Mill featuring Drake, “R.I.C.O.” (Dreams Worth More Than Money)

Ah, it was “RICO” that served as the catalyst for the fallout between Meek Mill and Drake. While that’s part of the reason the song was included on the list, most of the reason why it appears here is because it’s a great song, period.

22) The Game featuring Drake, “On Me” (The Documentary 2)

Sampling Erykah Badu’s classic “On & On” was enough to earn “On Me” a spot on this list. Of course, “On Me” goes above and beyond its lush backdrop. Oh and BTW, Kendrick Lamar is featured on it…just saying!

23) Rick Ross, “Ghostwriter” (Black Market)

As Rick Ross tells it, “it be so lonely at the top.” What more can you say?

24) A$AP Rocky featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson, “Everyday” (At. Long. Last. A$AP)

Definitely the most soulful A$AP Rocky joint ever right – the legendary Rod Stewart and Miguel? Yaaaaasssss!

25) Lil Dicky featuring Snoop Dogg, “Professional Rapper” (Professional Rapper)

Yeah, this is the type of song choice for a best of list that gets stones cast at you. Are there arguably better songs than the pseudo-comic rap that is “Professional Rapper”? Yes, but can you deny the infectiousness of this Dicky/Snoop Dogg collab?

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