Thoughts On The 2015 AMA Winners

One Direction, Made in the A.M. © Sony

On Sunday evening, the American Music Awards occurred. Yes, those are the awards where it helps to be popular. That’s not shade (or at least not much), but judging by the winners, it’s obvious which fan bases vote for their favorite artists. While having a choice to vote for an award show is great, particularly given how often a more prestigious awards show like the Grammys come out wrong, the AMAs aren’t without flaw themselves. But enough grumbling, here are some quick thoughts on the winners in the four biggest categories.

Artist of the Year. Once more, the boy band gods spoke and One Direction was awarded artist of the year. My question is WHY? The list even included Taylor Swift, not to mention a breakout artist like The Weeknd yet One Direction win, again. Again, this plays to WHO takes the time to voice their opinions on a broadcast like the AMAs. One Direction has never won a Grammy and arguably, they aren’t the caliber of artist to do so (no shade). However, when it comes to popularity, they come out victorious

New Artist of the Year Presented by Kohl’s. Okay, Sam Hunt getting the nod here is respectable. He’s ushering in the new country movement and for those of us who aren’t all about the honkytonk, twang thing, he’s just what the doctor ordered. Yep, the dude has swagger. Now, whether or not he deserved to best The Weeknd in some folks’ book, well, that’s debatable.

Song of the Year. Taylor Swift had to win something, and she comes out on top with “Blank Space.” No problems here considering it was a stacked nomination field and “Blank Space” was kind of a big deal. Next!

Collaboration of the Year Un-leashed by T-Mobile. Hmm, while Justin Bieber and Skrillex & Diplo ‘did work’ on “Where Are Ü Now,” does it best Wiz Khalifa/Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” or megahit “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars? It’s subjective, but isn’t “Where Are Ü Now” more ‘flavor of the month’ compared to “Uptown Funk!?”

There are more categories, most of which ended up in predictable fashion. There are arguments for and against respective winners (Florida Georgia Line over Sam Hunt – please), but “ain’t nobody got time for that”…analysis that is! Basically, take the AMAs with a grain of salt – maybe even the whole saltshaker!

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