Adele Could Rewrite Music History Commercially


Adele, 25 © Columbia

Everybody knew that the return of Adele would make the music biz goes wild. Indeed, said wildness has occurred as Adele’s third studio album 25 looks to break sales records. Basically, 25 is on pace to rewrite history and if it succeeds, that’s huge. Also huge is that the key word is pure sales as 25 wasn’t featured on streaming sites. 25, hence, will disprove the notion that albums can’t sell anymore. Even though plenty of them haven’t sold well in 2015, 25 is undoubtedly the difference.

So let’s address the elephant in the room. Will Adele “out Taylor Swift” Taylor Swift? Definitely. Adele has never sold one million copies her first week out, but this time is different, as the numbers point minimally at around the 2 million mark, with most estimates aiming upwards of 2.5 million. That, my friends, is something that Taylor Swift has never done and is something that should Adele accomplish it, may never happen again. How much of a beast is Adele Adkins? She’s some kind of a beast…in a good way of course!

Next question, is 25 worthy of the hype it’s receiving? Personally, yes. No, 25 doesn’t rewrite music history in regards to its content – it’s well conceived but not innovative per se – but Adele’s voice alone is worthy of more than a potential two or three million selling album. Best of luck Adele – break those records girl!

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