Logic Delivers (Once More) On Sophomore Album ‘The Incredible True Story’  

Logic, The Incredible True Story © Def Jam


Logic • The Incredible True Story • Def Jam • Release Date: 11.13.2015  

Duplicating the critical success of a particularly awesome album is difficult. In Maryland MC Logic’s case, his debut Under Pressure was nothing short of terrific, if commercially underrated. Considering the favorable ratings for Under Pressure, it is amazing that Logic delivers another superb effort with sophomore album, The Incredible True Story. Give Logic credit for putting together am ambitious, conceptual effort. Even if its concept itself doesn’t woo, it’s best material is sure to captivate.

Intro “Contact” establishes the concept, looking back upon Logic’s debut and looking forward to The Incredible True Story. The intro sets up standout “Fade Away,” where Logic spits, “Fade away, fade away / they gon’ know my name until it fade away…” Logic’s flow is crazy – fast-paced, motor-mouthed, and undeniably awesome. “I been there, I done that this rap sh*t I run that,” Logic boast upon the first verse, continuing, “motherf*cker this far from a comeback, if one of us fall then we run back.” “Fade Away” contains a skit at its conclusion, again connecting to the forthcoming track, “Upgrade” in this instance.

“Upgrade” unsurprisingly references Logic’s “come up,” a favorite subject for him and almost every other MC in the game. While it’s appealing, the real heat comes with the one-two punch of “Like Woah” and “Young Jesus” (featuring Big Lenbo), following scene “White People.” “Like Woah” is smooth – soulful and throwback in regards to its production work. It’s “all hail Logic” as he asserts himself to be “platinum in this b*tch…running the game” as well as being “back up in this motherf*cker livin’ like a goddamn king / tell me money ain’t a thing now.”

“Young Jesus” is arguably the best song from The Incredible True Story. Truly exemplifying Logic’s “take ‘em back to the 90s!” shout out, Logic is on fire, whether he’s referencing Dennis the Menace, avoiding early fatherhood or cannibals among other things. The way he and Big Lenbo trade bars – kick@$$.

Things certainly don’t fall off after “Young Jesus.” “Innermission” (featuring Lucy Rose) shows candid Logic, spitting at one point, “My situation at home was alcoholics and drugs / I never graduated but I made it to the summit / don’t get me wrong, so many times I thought I would plummet / felt like I didn’t have the heart and couldn’t seem to stomach.” “I Am The Greatest” has more bite – it’s as aggressive as a four-letter word: “Motherf*ckers get no love!” Explicit, unapologetic, and hard as albeit, “I Am The Greatest” ranks among the crème de la crème.

“Lord Willin’” continues to find Logic in his zone, while “City Of Stars” is a lushly produced, mostly sung song. According to a tweet by the MC, he is breaking up with the preconceived notions of what hip-hop should be. It’s not all singing though – by the end he’s a rapping machine once again. And if “City of Stars” doesn’t do it, “Stainless” (featuring Dria) should, where the biting, emotional rhymes never seem to fail, starting with the aggressive opening salvo, “Motherf*ckers wanna get famous / bust guns and get dangerous / Daddy graduated from Cambridge / money talks in every language.” Logic doesn’t stop there, referencing his own father at one point: “If you go do like my daddy then she gonna be single and alone…” 

“Paradise” is divided into two parts, with part two arguably being most impressive with its strings, not to mention a sharp reference to Erykah Badu. “Never Been” is another sound cut with throwback written all over. “Run It” eclipses both with Logic once more embracing and asserting his badass persona: “Who else you know wanna come up, do it like I does it?” After the “Lucidity” scene, “The Incredible True Story” concludes in superb fashion. “Make music like there’s no Grammy / for the last line they might ban me / I don’t give a f*ck though / cause I am me…”

Ultimately, The Incredible True Story is rock solid from start to finish. Whether it gains Logic more sales is debatable, but the quality is indisputable. Logic is clearly among the better rappers in the rap game, period. The Incredible True Story confirms such.

Favorites: “Fade Away,” “Like Woah,” “Young Jesus” featuring Big Lenbo, “I Am The Greatest,” “Stainless,” and “Run It”  


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