25 Chart Takeaways: Selena Gomez Takes The Top Spot…Again 

Selena Gomez, Revival © Interscope

It was a legit fight between Selena Gomez and The Game for top honors on the Billboard 200, but The Game couldn’t seal the deal. Hence, Selena Gomez experiences the glory of the number one spot once more. Others wish they could have a slice of that chart glory – looking at you Collective Soul! Here are 25 chart takeaways, led by Gomez’s second consecutive #1 album!

1) Selena Gomez finds herself in the number one spot once more with fifth album, Revival.

2) The Game couldn’t catch Gomez’s Revival, but he definitely stepped up his game numerically speaking on The Documentary 2. Hey, there’s no shame in #2, right?

3) The Weeknd (Beauty Behind The Madness), Fetty Wap (Fetty Wap), and Drake & Future (What A Time To Be Alive) keep the majority of the top five an urban affair, sitting at nos. three through five respectively.

4) Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable wasn’t unbreakable to dipping on the Billboard 200. The set slipped from #1 to #8 in week two.

Thomas Rhett, Tangled Up © Valory

5) Thomas Rhett spends three weeks in the top ten of the Billboard 200 with Tangled Up. After starting at #6, he slipped to #7 in week two, sitting at #9 in week three.

6) Jana Kramer’s Thirty-One is the third and final debut within the top 10 of the Billboard 200 this week. Thirty-One just barely makes it at #10.

7) Shawn Mendes sees his debut album Handwritten improves three spots from #15 to #12. Handwritten debuted at #1 27 weeks ago.

8) Toby Keith has seriously downgraded. 35 mph Town debuts modestly at #14.

9) Mayday Parade’s Black Lines debuts at #21.

10) Bryson Tiller’s T R A P S O U L drops just three spots in its third week (#21 to #24). T R A P S O U L debuted at #11.

R. City, What Dreams Are Made Of © RCA

11) R. City’s What Dreams Are Made Of lands at #25. That’s underwhelming considering the popularity of single “Locked Away,” featuring Adam Levine.

12) Tamar Braxton takes a mighty tumble; Calling All Lovers slides from #5 to #30 in week two.

13) Maroon 5 sees a bump this week, as V improves from #50 to #37 in week 59.

Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon © Interscope

14) Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon doesn’t seem to be ‘that big of a deal.’ Honeymoon slips 13 spots from #26 to #39 in week four.

Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby © Atlantic

15) Melanie Martinez sees her debut album Cry Baby rise from #65 to #51 in week nine. Cry Baby debuted at #6.

Muse, Drones © Warner Bros

16) Muse’s Drones makes big-time gains this week, moving up a heroic 41 spots from #95 to #54.

17) Bad second week for Avicii – his Stories drops 56 spots from #17 to #73. Ouch!

18) Interest in Ryan Adams’ cover album 1989 must be waning – it slides from #40 to #83 in week four.

19) Florence + The Machine’s How Big How Blue How Beautiful improves 56 spots from #157 to #101.

20) British newcomer Jess Glynne resurges from #151 to #110 with I Cry When I Laugh. Still unsung, but that’s a 41-spot improvement.

21) Poor Queensrÿche – they drop 85 spots from #27 to #112 with latest album Condition Hunan.

22) Despite a respectable start at #5 four weeks ago, David Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock sits at #118 after dropping 60 spots.

23) Trivium has a tepid sophomore week – Silence In the Snow dropped 111 spots from #19 to #130. That’s what you call a true flop!

24) Collective Soul joins the horrid second week sales/impact bug. See What You Started By Continuing slips an abysmal 116 spots from #25 to #141.

25) Maybe that comeback album by The Dead Weather was the greatest idea – it drops 73 spots from #83 to #156 in just three short weeks.

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