R. City, What Dreams Are Made Of (Short Take Review)

R. City, What Dreams Are Made Of © RCA

There’s Plenty Of Things To Enjoy About ‘What Dreams Are Made of’

R. City • What Dreams Are Made Of • Kemosabe • Release Date: October 9, 2015

Being truly subjective, normally, a musical duo/group like R. City wouldn’t necessarily “tickle my fancy.” Why? So many times, when reggae is blended with pop, hip-hop or R&B, the results come off as so-so. While R. City have some similarities to other acts with a similar formula, there’s actually lots to like about R. City and their debut album, What Dreams Are Made Of. First things first, R. City are most known for their hit-making as songwriters. Though artists first, songwriting is how the duo broke through. Now, it’s “their time to shine.”

How about some quick highlights from What Dreams Are Made Of? Opener “Like This” kicks things off soundly, but follow up “Locked Away” featuring Adam Levine packs a mightier punch. “Locked Away” is a beautiful record, and Levine’s signature cutting upper tenor pipes are a bit more reserved, which is a good look for this record. “Checking For You” doesn’t live up to the grandeur of “Locked Away,” but by no means is it a miss, maintaining consistency.

After “Locked Away” the next truly great song is the soulful “Over,” which brilliantly samples Lenny Kravitz. Later “Live By The Gun” (featuring Akon) and “Slave To The Dollar” both showcase R. City’s harder, edgier persona. The fun doesn’t end there, as “Save My Soul” is easily one of the album’s most unique songs, blending reggae, soul, folk, and gospel. Concluding What Dreams Are Made Of, “Our Story” is too long for a casual listen, but the 10-minute autobiographical record is a stand out. Listening to R. City’s story will definitely help the listener build a connection with the duo.

So all in all, how does What Dreams Are Made Of stack up? It’s an enjoyable, above average album that isn’t revolutionary. In other words, it’s rock solid and not without an imperfection or two. R. City have definitely broke through with “Locked Away” for good reason. Can What Dreams Are Made Of do the same? Only time will tell.

Favorites: “Locked Away,” “Over,” “Save My Soul” and “Our Story”


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