Justin Bieber – A Tale of ‘Indecent Exposure’

Justin Bieber, What Do You Mean © Def Jam

Justin Bieber can’t seem to win. The Canadian pop star has remained ubiquitous despite a quiet musical presence since dropping his last studio album, Believe in 2012. Unfortunately for Bieber, it seems that it’s no longer about the music but more about his persona and his actions. Sure, Bieber has used 2015 as something of an “apology tour” allowing himself to be roasted on Comedy Central, appearing on Ellen about his many shortcomings, and even releasing two hot songs (“Where Are Ü Now?” and “What Do You Mean?”), but he still can’t escape bad press.

Bieber’s latest impropriety is nudity, specifically his nether member being exposed to the world. Yes, J.B. sho’ nuff did let it all hang out, though to his credit not as an antic. In the past, this would seem like something Bieber might’ve done for attention – he did put his butt on instagram after all, not to mention his countless shirtless incidents. This time, it was the work of the paparazzi, focusing in on the Bieber jewels.

So, should J.B. get a pass on this one, considering the fact that the paparazzi will do anything to get a juicy celebrity photo? NO WAY JOSÉ! Why in the world is Bieber walking around with it all hanging out outside? That’s a bit much. Yeah, if you got it than flaunt it, but knowing you’re a ‘huge’ star and that you’re constantly followed by the paparazzi, aren’t you just asking for ‘indecent exposure?’

To each his own, but doesn’t nudity have a time and a place? Most people don’t just go around outside with their, um, stuff hanging out. “Naked swim?” Please! Kudos to Bieber being confortable in his birthday suit, but still…like Oprah once said, “What was [he] thinking? L.A.F – lame as f…

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