Why Slim Jesus’ “Drill Time” Is Bad for Hip-Hop  


Slim Jesus, Drill Time Video (Slim Jesus)

Sometimes you should think better about what you share with the world and what you don’t. 18-year old Hamilton, Ohio rapper Slim Jesus definitely probably should have scrapped the video that has blown up in September 2015, “Drill Time.” Why is a video by an unknown rapper (who happens to be Caucasian) creating such a sensation? The reason is because it’s violent – featuring guns and Jesus’ posse act like they are in a gang. Red flags!

“Drill Time” music video (August 18, 2015)

Yep, “Drill Time” is controversial by all means. Polarizing might not even be the best way to describe it given ust how much negativity is swirling around it. To make things even worse as far as legitimacy, the video contains a disclaimer at the beginning, which makes it clear that the video uses props. In other words, Slim Jesus asserts that the song and himself as a rapper are fake as a four letter word. And yes, that four-letter word begins with “F” and ends in “uck.”

Disclaimer from Slim Jesus, Drill Time Video (Slim Jesus)

An interview with DJ Vlad truly sheds more light about the video. Apparently, the beat was found on YouTube, and eventually Slim Jesus purchased it. Slim makes it clear that he is no gangsta or gangster – he’s not about that life – but because he likes that kind of music, he wants to produce that kind of music. The problem, of course is that knowing this about Slim Jesus, there is not authenticity whatsoever. Maybe this is being über judgmental, but Slim Jesus’ repetition of the word shit was bothersome. No it’s not a horrid word, but he must’ve said it a million times in place of his lack of more intellectually stimulating answers.

Slim Jesus: I Like Rapping About Guns, But I Don’t Live Like That (September 16, 2015)

So how do I feel about the song/video? It’s fake and corny. There is nothing genuine or authentic about it and even if one likes the potential that Slim’s flow has, he’s basically recycling every cliché that makes contemporary rap horrible. Basically, Slim Jesus thinks Chicago rap is cool and there’s nothing wrong with that if that is his listening preference. However, releasing music that is soulless and doesn’t contain a connection to one’s self just might be a deadlier sin than choosing the blasphemous moniker Slim Jesus. Basically, this kid seems to represent the problems with some of hip-hop music all in one song.

Slim Jesus, Drill Time Video (Slim Jesus)

Here’s another problem with “Drill Time.” It reinvigorates questions about the harmfulness of rap itself. Is rap dirty and raw? Yes. Can rap influence bad behavior? Quite possibly. Is rap the only thing that can or should be perceived as a horrible influence on the future generation? NO. Morally and musically Slim Jesus made a distasteful choice with “Drill Time” but personally, he’s the one the comes out looking incredibly amateurish. The video is quite limited as are the lyrics. He gets a good punch line in, but basically “nothing is new under the sun.” But you get a viral video like “Drill Time” and the Tipper Gores of the world are ready to pounce once again.


Tyrone Magnus, Slim Jesus – Drill Time REACTION!!!

One of YouTube’s top reactor’s facial expressions say it all as he watches “Drill Time.” Sometimes he laughs and other times he just shakes his head. The funniest part is that Magnus is speechless afterwards, as he should be.

Jinx, Slim Jesus Drill Time Reaction/Discussion!  

YouTube’s top reactor Jinx criticizes the latest “Drill” rapper, suggesting they rap using the same words. He specifically criticizes Slim Jesus for his “proper” delivery. He does praise the beat, which as mentioned previously, Slim Jesus found via YouTube.


qbanguy, Slim Jesus – Drill Time PARODY (Netflix and Chill Time)

Basically, judging by this parody, it’s clear that the original “Drill Time” is nothing but tired old meaningless clichés. It’s as fake as this particular parody, with Slim Jesus confirming this in his interview with DJ Vlad.

Isaiah Z Hightower, Slim Jesus – Drill Time (Parody) (September 14, 2015)

And here’s another absolutely ridiculous parody. What is a shame about “Drill Time” is the fact that the beat is good. However, the song just might have tarnished that beat forever.

In closing, if Slim Jesus truly wants to be a musician, he needs to step up his game and become a ‘real’ musician. There are enough fakes out there without adding another to the mix. SJ needs to stay in his lane, and that’s not rapping about gangs and guns.

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  1. Danny says:

    trash for about 10,000 other reasons besides the ones mentioned. good post.

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