Pop Trash: Memorable Tweets By Musicians That Make For Interesting Headlines

Liam Payne on Attitude Magazine, Issue No. 262 © Attitude

What better way to start off the week than some pop trash? No, we’re not talking about a song that totally blows, but rather some pop cultural gold that ultimately has little to do with the music. Well maybe “little” is an overstatement as two of the three have some connection to music, even if it’s not the focal point. Yeah this may not be a new review or some big opinion post where I slaughter all who oppose me with my rich vocabulary, but check it out, you might enjoy it anyways!

1) Sam Smith about Troye Sivan’s voice/music

Troye Sivan, WILD - EP © Universal Music Australia

Apparently, Grammy-winning Sam Smith is moved by and “turned on” by Troye Sivan’s voice as well as his music. Yes, it must be noted that both musicians are openly gay, mostly because of what Smith tweets. One tweet references lyrics from the song “Bite” which is definitely among Sivan’s sexiest songs on the EP Wild.

What is the song “Bite” about? Interestingly, “Bite” is about Sivan’s first experience in a gay club. So before the stones are cast and accusations are made, it was important to note sexuality contextually. Does Smith have more than musical admiration for Sivan, particularly given that “body” reference? Who knows and honestly that’s his business. It wouldn’t be far-fetched as far as age and being from the same generation: Smith is 23 and Sivan 20.


2) Liam Payne (of One Direction) and his  Attitude Mag cover/feature:

Liam Payne on Attitude Magazine, Issue No. 262 © Attitude

One Direction will always be in the spotlight as long as they’re as big as a four-letter word. That spotlight can be endearing, or it can also be ugly. In the case of Liam Payne’s appearance on gay magazine Attitude, a flurry of controversy has swarmed Payne.

So what’s the controversy? Of course if you are a guy who appears on a gay magazine you have to be gay right? Also, if you aren’t sensitive to LGBT issues you must be homophobic right? The series of tweets below finds Payne discussing the spread, apparently addressing accusations of homophobia (in reference to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who have been rumored to be a ‘thing’), and defending himself against supposed self-victimization.

3) Meek Mill ‘Exposes’ Drake

Meek Mill, Dreams Worth More Than Money © Atlantic

Meek Mill is one of those outspoken musicians who can’t seem to keep his big mouth shut. This summer everyone was entertained by one of rap’s biggest loud mouths accusing the untouchable Drake of not writing his own rhymes. Meek Mill even named the supposed ghostwriter for good measure. Mill’s diarrhea of the mouth has subsided as of late, but what he gave to the world and music listeners – in the form of “Charged Up” and “Back To Back” from Drizzy – is priceless. As for his own diss track that had to follow the superior Drake – well let’s just say it was whack as f—






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