25 Chart Takeaways: Disturbed Claim Fifth No. 1 on Billboard 200

Disturbed, Immortalized © Reprise

Disturbed debut at number one – not surprised. Carly Rae Jepsen misses the top ten. Again, not surprised. Those absolutely “exciting” chart takeaways and 23 more – most of which probably ALSO aren’t surprising. The sarcasm is free by the way!

1) A Five-year hiatus seems to have little effect on rock band Disturbed – they claim their fifth no. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with Immortalized. Keeping it real though, the numbers (sales) weren’t great. 98K Disturbed? C’mon!

2) Luke Bryan slips from that “number one spot” to #2. Don’t worry, the “lights are still on!” Get it – Kill The Lights… yeah it’s corny humor but whatever!

Dr. Dre, Compton A Soundtrack © Aftermath:Interscope

3) The good doctor – Dr. Dre – keeps the #3 spot warm as Compton saw a sales increase.

4) Kip Moore’s Wild Ones lands at #4. Not a “wild” opening, but fourth is fourth, right?

5) Rob Thomas’ comeback album The Great Unknown starts at #6. Nope, the numbers aren’t too hot and they weren’t expected to be.

6) Ghost’s Meliora debuts at #8. Now the question is, who exactly is Ghost? Just kidding – they’re a Swedish heavy metal band.

7) N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton spends a second consecutive week in the top 10 (#9).

8) Bon Jovi’s unheralded Burning Bridges debuts at #13. No it’s not technically Bon Jovi’s new studio album, but still…

9) Carly Rae Jepsen DID NOT “do work” this week. E•MO•TION debuted rather modestly at #16.

10) Is it fair to say that Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats had a better week than Carly Rae Jepsen even though they debuted a spot lower? Yes. The #17 bow for the collective seems pretty impressive considering they’re not a household name and didn’t have a huge #1 hit.

11) Pop Evil’s Up enters the charts at #25.

Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby © Atlantic

12) After landing at #6 last week, Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby slips 20 spots to #26 in week two.

13) Gospel artist Tasha Cobbs sees her latest effort One Place To Live debut at #28, not too shabby for a gospel album.

14) In week three, tobyMac’s This Is Not A Test drops 20 more spots from #24 to #44. Interestingly, its second week on the chart, This Is Not A Test also dropped 20 spots.

15) The urban honeymoon over? Maybe. Tyrese’s Black Rose drops 7 spots from #43 to #50 in week seven, while Jill Scott’s Woman trumps that by dropping 17 spots from #34 to #51.

16) Method Man’s The Meth Lab lands at #57. Remember those days when Method Man was at the top of the charts? He doesn’t either since it’s been a “minute.”

17) A horrid second week for Bullet For My Valentine as Venom free falls 57 spots from #8 to #65.

18) No surprise, but Wondaland Presents: The Eephus EP slips 45 spots from #22 to #67 in its second week. Definitely NOT a “Classic…Man!”

19) Alessia Cara’s EP Four Pink Walls doesn’t exactly burn up the charts, settling for an unimpressive 74th place start.

20) Buckcherry are likely wishing they could get their “b**chin’” days back – “Crazy B**ch” days that is! But alas, the f-bomb loving band endures a tepid #93 start for latest album Rock ‘N’ Roll. Yeah, people didn’t buy it.

21) Alan Jackson continues his slide. Sad that one of country’s bests must endure a week in which he slides 34 spots from #62 to #96. Angels And Alcohol may have critical blessings, but it’s definitely NOT “Waaaayyyy up” in the sales column.

22) A few folks actually bought Wilco’s formerly free Star Wars album. A very few people to be precise – it starts at #105.

23) How about another update about tattooed country upstart Michael Ray? He’s still not selling albums. Michael Ray drops more modestly this week, still when you’re sitting at #119, the ceiling is quite low, at least for now.

Miguel, Wildheart © RCA

24) Miguel is not selling. It’s sad, but true. This week, Wildheart drops from #111 and #128. Assuming people don’t like “Coffee” in the morning?

25) Now this is how you do an epic fail of a second week! Drop 137 spots from #17 to #154 like Neck Deep’s Life’s Not Out To Get You. Apparently, music buyers “Weren’t out to actually buy this album!”

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