Mac Miller, ‘100 Grandkids’: Hit or Miss?

Mac Miller, GO:OD am © Warner Bros

Mac Miller • 100 Grandkids • Warner Bros • Release Date: August 7, 2015

That Mac Miller guy is one of a kind isn’t he? He released a debut album that debuted atop the Billboard 200 (Blue Slide Park) and then followed up with a top three sophomore album (Watching Movies with the Sound Off) which featured the parental advisory label covering his junk. If that isn’t ‘one of a kind,’ then what is? But this isn’t really about Mac’s previous work and definitely not a study of his anatomy. No friends, fans, skeptics, and whoever else, this is about Miller’s upcoming album and the single he has bestowed upon the world.

First things first, we know that Mac Miller has gone major. He was on independent label Rostrum Records for albums one and two, but now he’s on Warner Bros. Listening to single “100 Grandkids,” it sounds like a major label, commercial sounding single. That’s not to say that Miller’s previous work was substandard in quality, but the sound of “100 Grandkids” itself is far-fetched from “S.D.S.” or even “Goosebumpz.” So if we just go by sound, it would seem that Warner Bros may be trying to make Mac Miller more marketable.

More marketable – a guy with two top three albums needs to be more marketable? Yes, he does. Miller’s numbers have been good, at least during the initial week of each album. There was no shame in Miller dropping 144,000 copies of Blue Slide Park, but staying power was an issue. In other words, Blue Slide Park had a difficult time achieving gold status. What about Watching Movies With The Sound Off? Well the week album two arrives was a fantastic one for hip-hop, with Kanye West, J. Cole, and Miller residing in spots one through three. Still, Watching Movies With The Sound Off didn’t reach gold. So Miller does need to be made more marketable for commercial purposes.

“100 Grandkids” seems to be a great balance of Miller’s underground rap and what a major label desires from an artist. Miller isn’t selling out here, but “100 Grandkids” at least gives Miller a chance for a wider audience.   He starts off with some depth – “I made a promise to my mama / that I’ll bless her with some grandkids, she can spoil them” – before bragging about the money and his upgraded status. That upgraded status is – yep you guessed it – GOD status (“I’m a god, give the whole squad a job, get them all paid”).

Moving on, you can guess where Mac goes with things. He brags “these flows, kilos / I could sell snow to a ski slope,” later speaking about his smoking habits like they’re nothing (“Gettin’ faded, I been stoned all week / but what’s a god without a little OD? Just a G”). At least he admits he’s self-centered, and no more so than any other MC: “And I may be a little arrogant, I’m aware of it / I know.”

As great as the first part of the song is (even with the sarcasm of yours truly), the second part of “100 Grandkids” takes the cake. What makes it so great? THE HOOK! “Yeah, back when I first made a hundred grand, thought I was the s**t / when I first made a hundred grand, thought I was the king…” The picture is clearly painted. Is the M.O. much different from part one? Nope. Mac is flexing, bragging, and most of all making that paper. Can we be mad at him for that? Nope – make that paper Mac. More importantly, when GO: OD AM arrives, try to get that gold plaque from the RIAA, okay?


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