Vivian Green, ‘Vivid’ – Review

Vivian Green, Vivid © Make Noise

Vivian Green Shines Vividly on ‘Vivid

Vivian Green • Vivid • Make Noise • Release Date: August 7, 2015

“People often say she’s so underrated / but I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed.” Indeed, Vivian Green is one of R&B’s most underrated artists, but she has never let that dictate the quality of her output. Vivid, Green’s fifth studio album, is another fine addition to her collection. She doesn’t reinvent the wheel nor does she need to – she stays in her lane with those raspy, soulful pipes singing her face off.

Following the album’s intro (“Jordan’s Intro”), Green unleashes “The One That Got Away” and “Work.” Both songs are soundly executed and enjoyable, but Green seems to hit her stride by the sensational “I’m Not Broken.” From the opening showcasing a throwback soulful groove, there’s the sense that Green is absolutely “going for the kill.” She doesn’t back down on “All I Want Is You,” delivering a celestial duet with fellow underrated R&B musician Raheem DeVaughn. Sexy with nothing short of powerhouse vocals from Green – R.D.’s none too shabby either with a sick falsetto – “All I Want Is You” is one of Vivid’s best.

The temperature rises even higher on electrifying contemporary soul single “Get Right Back To My Baby.” No, R&B doesn’t sound like this in 2015, but don’t true R&B fans wish it did? Hearkening back to the 70s and 80s never sounded soul good, particularly when the lead vocalist has such gritty nuances about her pipes. Follow up “123” keeps the feel good, throwback vibe alive and well, reaching even further back into R&B’s illustrious history for its basis. Anachronistic? Depends upon what tickles your fancy ultimately. To the old soul, this is real music y’all!

Following another interlude (“The Interlude With Cayman Kelly”), Green delivers the slick adult contemporary R&B ballad, “Disrespectful.” Commanding and sassy, Green calls her man “disrespectful” because he’s trying to get her to love him and she’s not having it! “I don’t wanna feel anything / why can’t you respect that? / Why can’t you respect that,” she sings on the chorus, continuing, “You can’t make me love / Why can’t you respect that? / Why can’t you respect that?”

“Just Like Fools” keeps the soul going strong without a hitch, while “Count Your Blessings” (featuring Treena Ferebee) – where the review’s opening quote hails from – finds Green thankful for all that God has given her throughout her career. Penultimate/final full-length track “Leave It Behind” closes Vivid compellingly, with a brief “Outro” following.

All in all, Vivid is a welcome R&B effort in 2015. With undercooked efforts by a number of R&B artists this year, Vivian makes sure she delivers the goods. The second coming – no – but pretty doggone good? Yes.

Favorites: “I’m Not Broken,” “All I Want Is You,” “Get Right Back To My Baby,” and “Disrespectful”


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