Nick De La Hoyde, Passion EP (Review)

Nick de la Hoyde, Passion EP © Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

Nick de la Hoyde shows off tremendous potential on ‘Passion’ EP  

Nick de la Hoyde • Passion (EP) • Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd • Release Date: June 30, 2015

One way to make yourself standout is your name. Aussie singer, songwriter, and rapper Nick de la Hoyde has the working for him without a hitch. How cool would it be to have a last name like de la Hoyde? Anyways, his name isn’t the only thing going for him. Over the course of his six-song EP Passion, de la Hoyde proves he has plenty to offer. No, Passion isn’t perfect nor “the second coming,” but it is a great start for a newbie in the game by all means.

“Aces” proves to be a sound blend of urban-pop and hip-hop. Hoyde sings the first two verses convincingly, saving the rap element for the hook and the bridge/final verse. As an opener it doesn’t necessarily “blow you away,” but it’s a respectable, pleasant kickoff for an introductory EP from a burgeoning artist. Again, if de la Hoyde had a different middle (if he even has one as it is), it should be ‘potential.’ 

“By My Side” kicks off with Hoyde singing a passionate hook before he busts a rhyme. Predictable script? Yes, but despite that element of surprise, Hoyde has an excellent flow that’s easy going and rhythmic but nothing too crazy. Here he does the opposite of “Aces” – two rapped verses, one sung verse (the bridge) and that fantastic sung hook. Overall, the boy is “doing work.” 

The guitars and pummeling drums within the production of “The Longest Way” is a selling point. Another pro? The sung vocals – the guy can definitely sing.   Obviously three tracks in, De La Hoyde shows that he’s an artist who enjoys multiple styles, csing them throughout the course of Passion. He also drops the f-bomb – weren’t we all just waiting for it (“They never see all the things that you doing / and who gives a f*ck…”) 21- year olds these days – pfft. Just kidding Nick! De la Hoyde makes his point loud and clear and his Australian accent just adds to the goodness. 

“Where’s the Party At?” brings more oomph to Passion – there’s a heightened level of machismo. The funky groove is infectious from the jump, making “Where’s the Party at?” latch more than the previous numbers. Also, de la Hoyde’s rhymes feel more biting and overall sharper here. Combined with exceptional, rock-driven, funk-oriented production, it just might be the crème de la crème.

Ah, the “passion” of title track “Passion.” Following the more raucous “Where’s the Party At?” the tempo slows slightly to fit the concept of the track. De la Hoyde speaks about his “passion” for music. “Passion” benefits from a quicker switch up section at the end, which eliminates any predictability. 

“No Consolation” featuring Monks of Mellonwah concludes the EP with funky vibes. It goes on to show the grand potential that de la Hoyde possesses. It also ranks among the smartest moves of the album – closing it energetically on a high note.

So how does Passion stand up when it’s all said and done? It presents Nick de la Hoyde as a viable artist with a boatload of potential. He can sing and he can rap and he is restless, which is a great attribute to have in a sea of numerous artists doing much of the same thing. Is Passion his breakthrough? Probably not, but it is a worthwhile introduction of the Aussie musician to the world.

Favorites: “By My Side,” “The Longest Way” and “Where’s the Party At?”  


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