LW, “Sunshine” [Single Review]

LW, Sunshine - Single © Lewayne Scott

LW brings the heat on single “Sunshine”

LW • Sunshine – Single • Lewayne Scott • Single Release Date: September 27, 2014

On single “Sunshine,” multitalented R&B artist LW likens Sunshine (his lady) to the sunshine whose rays come down from the heavens. Fittingly, the song itself is exuberant, lush, and “sunny” in sound, representing LW’s feeling towards his lover/potential lover. Musically, LW has crafted contemporary soul at its best, balancing old school sensibilities (romance and soulful sounds) while keeping the overall production slick and relevant to contemporary R&B. Also refreshing? – LW serves as songwriter, producer, and performer on “Sunshine.” So let’s get this straight – there’s an urban song without six hundred songwriters and/or producers? That’s a rarity in the game these days folks.

Lyrically, “Sunshine” does a fantastic job of depicting true infatuation in a romantic sense as opposed to being lustfully driven. Yeah, LW makes a smart reference to the “birds and bees” at one point, but it never feels as if he’s approaching “Sunshine” from a shallow standpoint, something else that has also become rarer in the R&B world as of late. There is no questioning LW’s dedication, as the chorus lays it out there both chivalrously and perfectly: “Sunshine, I need you in my life / Sunshine, without you I’m not right / Sunshine, I’m under your control / sunshine.”

All in all, “Sunshine” brings the heat – no pun intended (well maybe a little pun). Music isn’t in its most innovative, revolutionary period as a whole, BUT there are always fine new songs being written and shared; “Sunshine” is among them. Having heard LW’s previous work (Extraordinary Revisited from 2013), “Sunshine” ranks among his best songs – the crème de la crème. Infatuation and digging on somebody special may not be brand new, but LW flexes those “musical guns” like a champ. TKO. “Love TKO.” “Sunshine.” Ya dig?


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