Jill Scott, Woman [Short Take Review]

Jill Scott, Woman © Atlantic

Jill Scott’s Best Attribute Continues To Work Splendidly For Her – Her Pipes  

Jill Scott • Woman • Atlantic • US Release Date: July 24, 2015

Once an artist reaches to certain album number, doesn’t it seem like there’s less anticipation or outright excitement? Sad that may be, but that’s sort of the case for Jill Scott’s Woman. That’s not to say that die-hard fans aren’t excited for it – yours truly being one – but, much like the neo-soul movement itself, excitement is trending downward as opposed to upward. That’s unfortunate, as Woman is another well-rounded album by Scott. Let’s break it down with good and bad.

THE GOOD is that vocally, Jill Scott remains one of the best in the game. Her more poised performances are equally alluring as her more overt, edgier performances, sometimes eclipsing them. She’s fabulous on the oxymoronic “Lighthouse” which has both retro and contemporary soul sensibilities working in its favor. The same could be said of the majority of “Prepared” and “Lighthouse” follow-up, “Fool’s Gold.” Her more pronounced vocals shine on compelling cover “You Don’t Know,” as well as biting, manic numbers like “Run Run Run” and “Coming To You.”


THE BAD doesn’t ever really happen on a Jill Scott album – we all know this. That said, this album lacks the same “fit and finish” of past albums. It’s sound as far as its pieces, but a bit clunkier as one unified album. This album sort of has the same issue that Beyoncé’s 4 had back in 2011 – overall good, but a bit out of order and unsorted. By no means does Scott miss with the material.

The VERDICT is ultimately favorable for Scott, who always seems to deliver the goods on her albums. There is no “Golden” or “Hate On Me” here necessarily, but if you are looking for a good ole traditional/semi-traditional R&B album in 2015, Woman is meant for you.

A full review of Woman will be posted on starpulse.com for your reading pleasure.

Favorites: “Prepared,” “Lighthouse,” “Fool’s Gold,” “Closure” and “You Don’t Know”  


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  1. she is one of those acts where while having a long career, she never reached her full poetinal IMO, seems like she tired her hand at being a Jill of all trades
    and mastering none. still ain’t got that ultimate money cut. never got that full depth album or song yet. she never reached that full on spot. could and should have been the anita baker of her time. album wise like her acting career is decent, but alot of it is untapped. alot of potential
    and alot of possiblitys however she never got to that next level.

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