Sweet Escapism [Left Of Center]

Gwen Stefani, Love. Angel. Music. Baby © Interscope

Sweet Escapism…Dropped with a dash of Gwen Stefani and ‘Murica

If you expect this to be a typical Brent Music Reviews post, it’s not. Not that you should run from it, but this is the sort of post that is written and then you ask yourself, “why did I write this? Where did this come from? Am I crazy?” The answer to that last question is probably yes, but here goes NOTHING (*cues up Wiz Khalifa’s “It’s Nothing”)!

“If I could escape and recreate a place that’s my own world.” Amen Gwen Stefani, amen – those words ring so true and definitely have more depth beyond the song itself. When “Sweet Escape” dropped back in ’06 – my junior year of college – I didn’t think about the specific lyrics of the song. After all, it was just another pop song, albeit catchy, from an album that wasn’t as good as Stefani’s first – shade not thrown, promise! But now that the song’s fifteen minutes are long up, looking back on the excerpted line, don’t we all wish we could escape?

No, this isn’t meant to sound depressed or emo, but, there have been so many songs, poems, books, etc. written about escapism, because it’s relatable. Even when things in life are going magnificently and we say we’re “living the dream,” don’t more dreams naturally formulate? Aren’t we always truly seeking that “Sweet Escape,” or riding “A Horse With No Name?” And with the world so “cuckoo for cocoa puffs,” isn’t moments of guiltless daydreaming with unattainable fantasies the answer? 

Escapism can be truly therapeutic. It can also be depressing, particularly if the escapism isn’t attainable in the least. Yes, anything is possible to a certain extent, BUT perhaps living on some random planet in another universe isn’t likely… Also those dreams of grandeur – chances of being distinctively successful in your respective career might even be slim – just keeping it real! But eschewing the negativisms of escapism, it allows the mind to drift from the bills, insecurities, deaths, heartbreak, weight issues, and people who can make reality – real life – difficult.

So what was the point of this particular post? Umm…sweet escapism from writing with concrete form by delivering this meandering post that likely no one will ever read if I even decide to publish it… Escapism my friends, dropped with a dash of Gwen Stefani and ‘Murica (aka American the classic rock band). What it terrible for you – you can keep it completely 100!

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