Spose, ‘Why Am I So Happy?’ [Review]

Spose, Why Am I So Happy? © Preposterously Dank Entertainment

Spose Proves He’s ‘The King Of Maine’ On Why Am I So Happy?

Spose • Why Am I So Happy • Preposterously Dank Entertainment • US Release Date: July 10, 2015

Here’s a shocking fact – get ready for it! Did you know, that there is rapper doing his thing from Maine? No, of course you didn’t! Okay, okay, maybe you did if your hip-hop chops are all encompassing besides the mainstream, but in case you didn’t Spose is one MC you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping on! Sure, Maine isn’t exactly the hotbed of rap, but they’ve definitely got a “king” in Spose. Need proof Maine has its own monarchy (at least where music is concerned)? Take listen to Spose’s hot independent album Why Am I So Happy?

Spose is assertive from the start, opening “Happy Right Now” (featuring Renee Coolbrith) with the unapologetic lyric, “Let’s talk about the shit that we don’t talk about.” Well produced and energetic, it can safely be said Spose wastes no time. “Feel Alright” follows (featuring Kristina Kentigian), sporting a hard beat with honest rhymes to match. “Never got my degree but I can turn the heat up,” Spose sits on verse two, “It’s too much sun to let the whole world beat us.”

“Lies Song” (featuring Shane Reis & Wax) is an absolute hoot! While Spose rattles off a bunch of lies, he keeps himself honest by titling the song “Lies Song.” Pick and choose which lies you’d like to disprove, though most guys would be quick to jump onto the “I’ve never watch porn…” line within the hook. There’s nothing apologetic about “Greatest Sh*t Ever” – “Last night I got so drunk, the homies came over / and I woke up and didn’t have a hangover.” It gets better though: “And I turned on the TV and I caught a sound bite / it’s good news, Ray Rice and Chris Brown died.” Spose is cocky and confident, and it works out exceptionally for him. 

“Thanks Obama” does a fantastic job of capturing the ‘blame the president’ syndrome folks seem to have. Like “Lies Song” and “Greatest Sh*t Ever,” there’s sarcasm about the record that truly gives it personality. Pick which lyrics kill it more – there’s an abundance, like “ I’m always doing what I got to do / like last week, when I banged a prostitute / with no condom, now I’m in the hospital / the doctor says it’s gonorrhea / Thanks Obama.” Epic? Yes! 

If “Thanks Obama” doesn’t do it, then surely the exhilarating “Gesundheit” does, featuring some of the hottest production work of the album. The rhymes are agile and quick, as Spose delivers nothing short of a rousing narrative. It’s a lot to take in, but give the MC credit for his passionate delivery over killer production. “Little Different / Obituary” embraces a touch of rock, differentiating itself from the previous songs. It doesn’t supersede say “Thanks Obama” but keeps the momentum rolling.

“Kanye Go” is quite interesting. Spose raps about his past and coming up – not an uncommon tale in music circles. So, where does “Kanye” come into the picture? The infectious hook performed by Dave Gutter: “I got that sh*t that makes Rick Ross go (huh) / Make Jay-Z go (yup) / make Kanye go (haah?) / I know you’re at a loss for words / what could you say?” Does it work? Yep totally!

“Work In Progress” follows, once more featuring Shane Reis. The song features cliché, trendy hip-hop production work, and while conformity can make one indistinct; it’s not really a problem here. Is “Work In Progress” as accomplished as the crème de la crème? Nah, but it’s consistent without questions asked. The skeletal, edgy “The G.O.A.T.” incites the head nodding from the jump – a perfect “anti-club” record – he’s not really rapping about club relevant things after all! 

“Fearless (Interlude)” – a humorous, creative fake infomercial – precedes title track “Why Am I So Happy?” which brings back Renee Coolbrith covering the hook. Unsurprisingly, Spose goes hard on the title track, spitting about social and political issues, whether it’s religion, Iraq, or being a parent himself. On “Alternative Radio” Spose reminisces back to his childhood, growing up on the alternative music of the 90s. Fittingly, the song itself embraces rock-based production, hence the music matches the content. Clever? Definitely, particularly since “Alternative Radio” did seem to help Spose get through some hard times.

“Nobody” concludes Why Am I So Happy, featuring comedian and MC George Watsky, best known as Watsky. Ultimately, “Nobody” concludes the album on an uplifting note. “I was supposed to never be nothing but made it to something,” he raps on the pre-hook, eventually summing things up stating, “I’ll prove it, I just another human who was supposed to be.”

So how does Why Am I So Happy? Stack up? Well, all in all, it should make any listener happy. Spose has a great sense of humor, and he goes beyond the tried and true themes of contemporary rap music, which is refreshing. Does he put Maine on the map? Of course – he’s the “f**king King of Maine” to quote Watsky. 

Favorites: “Feel Alright,” “Lies Song,” “Greatest Shit Ever,” “Thanks Obama,” “Kanye Go,” “The G.O.A.T.”


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