Rihanna’s “BBHMM” Gets The Dramatic Music Video It Deserves [Reaction]

Rihanna, Bitch Better Have My Money © RocNation

Ah, the highly anticipated music video for Rihanna’s brash, unapologetic single “B*tch Better Have My Money” has finally arrived! The single can be best characterized by its blunt and biting sound and sentiment as opposed to substance. That said everybody knew or should’ve figured out that if/when a music video materialized, it would have to match the aforementioned qualities of the single itself. So box one is definitely checked off with “BBHMM” for short.

So, what are the overall impressions of “BBHMM?” It’s definitely “over the top.” Rihanna, did you really need to take things this far? The answer is NO – “N” to the “O” NO. Nudity, drugs, blood, and of course plenty of money are prevalent throughout the course of the music video. Does the outrageousness of the video ultimately takeaway from its effectiveness? NO. Just like Rihanna may not have needed excessiveness, that same excessiveness doesn’t kill the vibe. Let’s dissect this thing a wee bit – just like a crayfish from middle school science class!

Let’s go for the questionable facets first – the nudity! Why is it necessary for this video to have such explicit nudity or at least the amount of nudity that is has? This is where the “over the top” comes in because this is more shock value as opposed to an important facet of the storyline or the song. Yes, we get that Rihanna wants to show she’s a bad chick – that goes along with being a twisted criminal. But, it’s slightly uncomfortable overkill. Personally, my question was, why did they strip the victim of her clothes? She was funding their activities, couldn’t they utilize a “sense of poise and rationality?” Guess not! Additionally, the violence is also, um, overdramatic. Nude Rihanna covered in blood at the end? Yes, everyone agrees Rihanna is hot, but hotness goes beyond nudity and has little to do with bloodiness – something like that.

The aforementioned questionable facets of “BBHMM” raise a particular inquiry – Where can this video be played besides online? Honestly, isn’t it a bit surprising that YouTube is letting this one go? You have to wonder, if it were a less notable artist than Rihanna, would this video be accepted? I think you already know the answer to that question. Moving on!

The other aspects of the video seem to work, particularly the “money.”   Money had to be part of the video for the song – money is in the title. Had there been no money, Rihanna would’ve had the most epic of #EPICFAILS on her hand. Can you just imagine if the “chick” she references within the title DIDN’T have that money? It was bad enough the victim was loaded and Rihanna took complete advantage of her.

All in all, “BBHMM” gets the dramatic, explicit music video it deserves. Honestly, the video makes you enjoy the single more. While “BBHMM” became part of my gargantuan music collection when it first came out, it wasn’t among my favorites to spin on my iPod. Seeing the video though, it has inspired me spin it again.

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